Flipped Classroom 4-pack

Flipped Classroom 4-pack

Best Practices for Flipping Classes

If you’re thinking about flipping your class, you probably have a few questions.

It’s new teaching territory for a lot of us, so it is understandable you’d want more information before you embark on a new approach that reverses the traditional way classes are designed.

The Flipped Classroom 4-pack will give you the confidence you need to start flipping your own courses right away.

The two program mentors, longtime advocates of and experts in flipping, will help you find the solutions to the following issues:

Learning Goals

After participating in the four programs included in the Flipped Classroom 4-pack, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how flipping is grounded in active learning 
  • Articulate the value of storyboarding to flipped instruction
  • Identify flippable moments in any course
  • Define the flip using Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Reframe flipping as an educational philosophy and mind-set rather than as a teaching strategy
  • Integrate components of flipped classrooms to create a successful learning environment for your students
  • Outline the structure of a storyboard by detailing the things to be seen, heard, and done in the video

Topics Covered

Discover flipping insights and strategies you can employ in any lesson in any course. The Flipped Classroom 4-pack will ease you into the flipped learning environment and will help you successfully flip your classroom.

Learn proven techniques to help you transition to the flipped classroom, such as:

  • How to determine when you should go ahead and flip a lesson
  • How to divide a flipped lesson into four parts to maintain a dynamic learning experience but also to add structure and control to the learning environment
  • How to adapt a course to the new role of the instructor in a flipped classroom
  • Use the storyboard concept to organize content and focus it on learning outcomes


Flipping doesn’t have to be such a scary proposition.

When done right, it can energize students and promote higher levels of learning.

In this series of four 20-Minute Mentors, find the confidence to flip a lesson in a course you already teach or a new course you are designing.

Take advantage of this fast and focused professional development opportunity, and purchase the Flipped Classroom 4-pack today!

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