What Key Factors Influence Test Performance?

What Key Factors Influence Test Performance?

Beyond the test: How to find out what your students really know

On any given test day, there are probably students in your class who are overtired. And that is only one of the things interfering with your students’ test performance.

Other students are distracted by relationship problems or ailing parents. Some are stressed by heavy course loads, demanding jobs, or family responsibilities. And that doesn’t include those students who prepared inadequately or those who tried to learn the material but lack effective study or test-taking skills.

When you think about it, there are a lot of things going on that can keep your students from performing at their best.

What Key Factors Influence Test Performance? shows you ways to help your students identify their own obstacles and even begin to resolve them so that they can learn course material and effectively demonstrate their knowledge on exams.

Learning Goals

This program breaks down a real problem and gives you a viable solution that you can implement right away. You can help your students help themselves perform better on exams, and it only takes 20 minutes.

When you are finished with this program, you will:

  • Understand and appreciate the varied factors that contribute to test performance
  • Recognize that test performance is far more than just a function of how much students study
  • Be comfortable with the included Test Performance Reflection Exercise and how it can be used to facilitate improved student learning and test performance
  • Be able to administer the questionnaire to students and guide their plans for making useful changes to improve their learning and test performance

Topics Covered

In just 20 minutes, you will learn how to use a post-exam questionnaire and reflection tool to steer students toward overcoming the factors that are keeping them from performing at their best.

The presenter is a passionate and dynamic instructor who wants to help you better engage your students and guide them toward success.

She has analyzed the most common test-performances hurdles and created a tool that helps students identify which factors are compromising their test performance and then figure out what to do about it.


What Key Factors Influence Test Performance? shows you how to help your students understand their own test performances and identify strategies for improvement. Better still, it only takes 20 minutes. Order now!

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