Aggression Identification and Management

Aggression Identification and Management


It's an unfortunate fact of campus life that aggression and violence do occur... sometimes with devastating results.

In this important seminar, Aggression Identification and Management, you'll learn how to identify and manage aggressive persons and behavior.

Topics Covered

In this important National Center for Student Leadership seminar, you'll learn how to identify and manage aggressive persons and behavior.

The program presenter explains:

  • The forms aggression can take and where it can occur
  • The distinguishing features of primal aggression and cognitive aggression and why the latter is more worrisome
  • The stages of aggression and their biological signs
  • How you can deescalate a situation, building bridges and trust with aggressors
  • Five essential steps for dealing with aggression
  • Your Plan B: when the situation becomes unmanageable

You should be without these critical tools for protecting yourself and others.

Learning Goals

After participating in this program, you will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of aggression management through the trigger, escalation, and crisis phase
  • Explore the Aggression Continuum and the corresponding physical and behavioral cues that accompany aggression
  • Learn the importance of persuasion, how to use trust to communicate, and the importance of emotional weighting, verbal manipulation, deception detection, and pacing of the aggressor
  • Learn how to escape from a crisis, choose the high ground, and understand how and when to escape an at-risk situation


Aggression exists in campuses everywhere. To manage it correctly will be a skill. Understand and acquire the skill with Aggression Identification and Management. Purchase today.

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