Aligning Student and Faculty Perspectives on Learning 3 pack

Aligning Student and Faculty Perspectives on Learning 3 pack

If instructors and students hold different definitions and expectations about rigor and learning, the academic process falls short of its potential.

When faculty and students are connected and communicating well, both are prone to more positive experiences and outlooks in and out of the classroom. Students who feel connected to the content and their instructor are more willing to put in the work and take responsibility for their own learning.

What can faculty do to facilitate greater understanding between themselves and their students?

The Aligning Student and Faculty Perspectives on Learning 3 Pack, presented by Lolita Paff, PhD, provides solutions that will enhance student-teacher relationships, promote enrollment and retention, and create successful courses, programs, and institutions.

Purchase this suite of 20-Minute Mentors, which includes:



Upon completion of these dynamic programs, you’ll be able to:

  • Address factors that shift students’ perception of a class from like to dislike
  • Understand common faculty-based vs. student-based definitions of rigor
  • Leverage strategies that align student and teacher definitions of rigor
  • Recognize how alternative definitions of rigor and mismatched expectations impact end-of-course ratings
  • Apply strategies that improve the quality of student feedback
  • Consider alternative interpretations, questions, and lenses for evaluating student feedback


  • Gatekeeper classes
  • Challenge vs. frustration
  • Aligning learning definitions and expectations
  • Definitions of rigor
  • Dispelling learning misperceptions
  • Effective student feedback
  • Interpreting student comments
  • Factors that influence how students view a course


This multipack will benefit faculty, deans, and program directors.


Disconnects between student and faculty expectations can create disenfranchised students and decrease faculty morale. Keeping students and instructors on the same page leads to better learning and better attitudes all around.

Purchase this suite of programs to gain deliberate tools and helpful insights for promoting understanding between administrators, faculty, and students. Get to the core of common communication problems and absorb real-life advice for communicating effectively. Purchase today!


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