Brain-Based Learning: Before, During, and After Class 3 pack

Brain-Based Learning: Before, During, and After Class 3 pack

Through the theories and activities discussed in these videos, faculty will better understand the impact brain-friendly learning can have on student success. The tips and techniques offered are easy to execute and will help faculty engage students with course content before, during, and after class, improving student performance and retention of concepts.

With the Brain-Based Learning: Before, During, and After Class 3 Pack, presented by Tom Saleska, PhD, and Sarah Lovern, PhD, learn simple techniques specifically designed to engage brain activity before, during, and after class to better assist students in understanding and retaining the course content.

Purchase this suite of 20-Minute Mentors, which includes:

  • How Can I Get Students to Engage with Course Content Before Class?
    This program addresses how student misconceptions about course content can become barriers to learning and offers several techniques to help teachers facilitate the adoption of alternative viewpoints in their students. The presenters discuss a variety of motivational methods to explore the impact that engagement with the material prior to coming the classroom experience has on the student brain and ultimately student success.
  • What Brain-Based Techniques Can I Use to Engage Students During Class?
    This program demonstrates several techniques to engage student brains in learning. All can be incorporated into either a traditional 50-minute or a longer class period. Since each student’s brain is unique and may learn in different ways, the presenters offer specific techniques that help vary the learning experience during a typical classroom timeframe. This includes patterning activities, organization and cueing, and creating the emotional impact of the lesson.
  • How Can I Encourage Students to Stay Connected with Course Content After Class?
    Rehearsal and reflection are two scientifically proven techniques that affect student brain activity and extend the classroom experience. Learn techniques you can use to deepen student understanding of course material—after class is over—that you presented in the classroom. These techniques include creating reflection videos and cartoon making, among others.


Upon completion of these programs, you’ll be able to:

  • Have a better understanding of how student brains work
  • Understand specific techniques for engaging students before, during, and after class
  • Learn to use patterns and emotions in student retention of information


  • Techniques for initiating brain change before, during, and after class
  • Student engagement before, during, and after class
  • Setting expectations that improve student learning
  • Emotion and engagement
  • Rehearsal and reflection


This program will benefit:

  • Professors
  • Associate Professors
  • Assistant Professors
  • Adjunct Professors
  • Instructors
  • Teaching Professors
  • Transfer Professors


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