Bricks, Clicks, and Teacher Tricks 3 pack

Bricks, Clicks, and Teacher Tricks 3 pack


You know about baby boomers, Generation Xers, and millennials. But are you ready for Generation C?

Generation C students are characterized by their digital lifestyle, not their age, and they’re probably the most connected people the planet has ever seen.

But that doesn’t make them easy to teach. Generation C students have distinctive approaches to learning and using information, as well as different expectations of instructors. Engaging these students can be challenging.

Fortunately, there’s an app for that—or, rather, many apps.

Learn how to connect with students of all generations in Bricks, Clicks, & Teacher Tricks 3 Pack, a three-part video series including:

  • How Can I Leverage Force Multipliers in the Classroom?
    Discover high-tech tools to improve teaching efficiency and effectiveness.
  • How Can I Engage Generation C?
    Involve and inspire today’s students with innovative feedback channels.
  • How Can I Inspire Creative Confidence in the Classroom?
    Support students’ creativity with low- and high-tech tools.


Because Generation C is different from other generations, it presents unique challenges and opportunities for educators. This series will help you meet today’s students where they are and teach them in a way that creates excitement, builds engagement, and promotes student and institutional success.

You’ll come away with a series of high-, low-, and no-tech techniques you can use to:

  • Streamline grading and classroom management practices
  • Promote two-way communication with students
  • Become a more efficient researcher
  • Harness students’ digital urges to involve them in course content
  • Collect meaningful student feedback
  • Set students up for success in school and life by building their creative skills
  • Increase motivation across the board

Learning Goals

After viewing these educational videos, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the unique teaching challenges and opportunities presented by Generation C
  • Employ more effective communication techniques with today’s students
  • Design course content that encourages active learning
  • Employ digital tools to improve research
  • Design assessments with backchanneling in mind,
  • Use digital and low-tech tools to help students connect with course content
  • Discuss the importance of developing college students’ creativity
  • Use multiple apps to strengthen students’ creativity
  • Plan learning activities to strengthen student’s creativity and deepen learning.

Topics Covered

This presentation will help you understand what Generation C is all about and adapt your teaching practices to meet their learning style. You’ll learn how to update classroom management and assessment while improving student engagement with low- and no-cost applications. You’ll become familiar with low- and high-tech tools that can enhance your productivity and effectiveness and upgrade your approach to feedback, scheduling, and communicating. You’ll explore a process to help students develop one of the most important skills for the 21st century—creativity.


Because of the different way they approach information and learning, Generation C students will shake things up on every campus, and in every discipline. Instructors in all subjects—no matter how long they’ve been teaching—will need to adjust their teaching style to connect with current students. This professional development series was tailor-made to help academics of all ages and backgrounds engage and educate students of all generations.


Tomorrow’s students are already in your classes. Is your teaching style ready for them? Order this series today and learn a host of techniques to help you meet, reach, and teach your students where they are.


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