Building Effective Communities Across Difference

Building Effective Communities Across Difference


Diversity means little in a student organization unless it exists in the context of community.

In this insight-filled National Center for Student Leadership presentation, Building Effective Communities Across Difference, the program presenter explains:

  • How we see ourselves and how others see us as individuals, as group members, and in an organizational context
  • How our relationships are defined by ideas, behaviors, feelings, attitudes, and core values
  • How to build trust and commitment within communities
  • How to create an environment for success and growth
  • How to address issues of power and privilege in meaningful ways
  • How to acknowledge, appreciate, and celebrate progress

Learning Goals

See the potential your college or university organization has to knit together diverse experiences and viewpoints into a powerful whole.

After viewing this video presentation, you will be able to:

  • Learn how to discuss issues occurring on campus
  • Explore and engage the dynamics of difference
  • Develop increased awareness and depth of insight as it relates to diversity issues
  • Examine your ethical and moral responsibility for creating organizations and communities where all people feel valued


If you are eager to learn more about how to build effective communities across diversity, Building Effective Communities Across Difference, is the program for you. Order now.

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