Building Momentum for Open Educational Resources 3 pack

Building Momentum for Open Educational Resources 3 pack

The cost of textbooks has risen more than 1,000 percent since 1971 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Sad but true, it’s an issue that impacts both students and institutions. But it can be combatted through the implementation of open educational resources (OER) in favor of traditional textbooks. OER can significantly reduce the cost of college, increase the quality of pedagogy, and open the pathway to graduation for all students.

The Building Momentum for Open Educational Resources 3 Pack, presented by Erik Christensen, PhD, provides a crash course in the implementation of OER. You’ll learn what OER are, how they compare to traditional learning resources, the ways OER increase completion and graduation rates, where to find and how to work with OER, how to gain faculty and institutional buy-in for OER, and the steps for implementing OER institution-wide.

Purchase this suite of 20-Minute Mentors, which includes:


Upon completion of these dynamic programs, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain the benefits of OER to faculty, administrators, and students
  • Understand where to find quality OER
  • Identify strategies for implementing OER in the classroom
  • Know the ins and outs of licensing OER
  • Understand potential obstacles to adopting OER in your class and on your campus
  • Leverage concrete strategies that promote the institutionalization of OER


  • What OER are and how they differ from traditional learning materials
  • Where to find OER
  • How OER are licensed and how to work with Creative Commons licensing
  • The advantages, challenges, barriers, and options for choosing OER from faculty, institutional, and student perspectives
  • Obstacles to institutionalizing the use of OER
  • Key players to involve when institutionalizing the use of OER
  • Strategies for promoting OER on campus


This multipack will benefit faculty, deans, instructional technology designers, and others who are interested in finding innovative ways to increase access to higher education and decrease textbook costs by implementing OER.


The implementation of OER provides tremendous cost savings to students, faculty, and institutions. By erasing the financial burden of traditional textbooks, institutions allow more students to take more classes and to graduate on time, and faculty are better able to more effectively customize their course materials to fit specific student needs, increasing retention and student success. OER decrease the stress faculty face in trying to find the right textbook and reduce the stress students face in trying to pay for their textbooks.

Purchase this suite of programs for an in-depth look at the use OER—from what OER are, to strategies for institutionalizing OER on your campus, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of it all. Learn from an OER expert who, each year, has saved his students more than $50,000 in textbook costs by adopting OER.


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