Case for Coaching 3 Pack

Case for Coaching 3 Pack

By exploring the tools and strategies presented, participants will be better prepared to implement coaching at their institutions, which will bolster new faculty in their new roles, reinvigorate midcareer and late career faculty, and improve teaching and learning across campus.

With the Case for Coaching 3 Pack, presented by Nicki Monahan, MEd, discover ideas that are easy to implement and will greatly improve teaching and learning on your campus.

Purchase this suite of 20-Minute Mentors, which includes:

  • Is Coaching a Good Fit for My Faculty Development Program?
    This 20-Minute Mentor focuses on the basic requirements for implementing a coaching program. It distinguishes between starting a coaching program from the beginning or expanding a mentoring program to include coaching. The program outlines the benefits, challenges, and responses to possible setbacks when implementing coaching within faculty development programs at an academic institution.
  • How Do I Move from Mentoring to Coaching in Faculty Development?
    This program outlines the benefits of mentoring for faculty members early in their teaching career, explores the differences between mentoring and coaching, explains the relationship between them, and presents a strong rationale for coaching as a faculty development initiative across all stages of a faculty career.
  • What Tools Can I Use to Ensure I Have Effective Coaching Conversations with Faculty?
    This program focuses on how to engage in effective coaching conversations with faculty about teaching and learning. It begins with explaining the importance of having clearly defined goals for coaching and the role of effective listening and powerful questions. This mentor illustrates, though a short role play, the use of the 5W Model which is effective in all coaching conversations.


Upon completion of these programs, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the difference between a coaching and non-coaching conversation
  • Identify your own personal barriers to effective listening
  • Differentiate between more and less powerful questions
  • Engage in coaching conversations using the 5W Model
  • Determine whether coaching is a good tool for your faculty development program
  • Assess the benefits and challenges of implementation of a coaching program
  • Identify next steps to implementing coaching
  • Distinguish between mentoring and coaching as distinct forms of support for faculty development
  • Identify specific ways in which coaching moves beyond mentoring
  • Appreciate how mentoring and/or coaching can be used effectively at various stages of a faculty career


  • Role of a coach
  • Barriers to effective listening
  • Power of powerful questions
  • 5W Model and how it works
  • Basic requirements for coaching in faculty development
  • Adding coaching to your mentoring program
  • Benefits and challenges of implementing coaching
  • Mentoring for early career faculty
  • Mentoring vs. coaching
  • Coaching for all stages of a faculty career
  • How coaching is different


This program will benefit:

  • Faculty developers
  • Directors of teaching and learning centers
  • Program directors
  • Academic leaders
  • Department Chairs
  • Deans
  • Associate Deans


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