Change Management 3-pack

Change Management 3-pack

Get unstuck with a change management 3-pack

Weíve all struggled with systems that arenít working or projects that wither after hitting a dead end. We look to our supervisors and administrators to respond, but they donít. We try to do things on our own, but we canít get any traction or support. Itís easy to feel stuck and eventually give up.

It might not feel like it sometimes, but change isnít always impossible. If you want to have more success making improvements to your work or your campus, you might want to try changing your approach.

The new Magna Change Management 3-packis a smart place to start. This series of three Magna 20-Minute Mentors lays out a smart, proven strategy for planning, launching, and leading a successful change effort. It includes:

  • How Can I Create a Sense of Urgency for Change?
    Presents a proven methodology for building a solid foundation for any change effort. It boils things down to timing and team. First you will learn how to make a case for this change at this time. Then you will learn how to build a team that can champion your change effort
  • How Can I Identify and Overcome Obstacles to Change?
    Shows you how to identify the obstacles in your path so you can incorporate strategies for overcoming them into your plan. Youíll see how training is key before, during, and after your change effort. A smaller knowledge gap means much less resistance to change
  • How Can I Build Momentum for Change with Short-Term Wins?
    Shows you how to demonstrate (and why you should celebrate) your early successes to keep constituents engaged and supportive. Big change takes time. When you break down the process into smaller increments and prove that youíre on the right track, youíll help everyone see where youíre headed and feel confident that youíll get there

Learning Goals

This series of short but hardworking programs will give you proven change strategies and the confidence to implement them.

Change is a process and it is work, but it can be inspiring instead of frightening and motivating instead of paralyzing. It just takes the right approach, the right team, and the right timingóand youíll learn about all three in this series.†

After viewing these three sessions, youíll be able to:

  • Seize the opportunity to implement a change
  • Identify different ways to build urgency for change and select the method most appropriate for the change you want to effect
  • Build a team that contains all the skill sets and characteristics you will need for your effort, and then set that team in motion
  • Identify potential barriers and work to remove them before launching your change effort
  • Determine whether you need to train faculty or staff prior to, during, or after your change effort to ensure success
  • Assess departmental or campus systems and align them with your change goals
  • Revise or scale back change plans when necessary
  • Seize opportunities to use short-term wins to prove success and build momentum
  • Plan for short-term wins and build that plan into your overall change effort
  • Demonstrate short-term wins to various constituent groups
  • Use short-term wins to build momentum to maintain or even accelerate your change effort

Topics Covered

Efficient and flexible, this is training designed by educators who understand the challenges you face and the demands on your time. Begin when youíre ready, and then view the three concise 20-minute videos at your own convenience and pace.

Once you do, youíll realize that the Change Management 3-pack will give you the insight and the confidence you need to make improvements, and make a difference in your work.

This series of three videos take you through change planning, team-building, and execution. With methodologies grounded in research and proven on campuses, this series is exactly what you need to launch a successful change at your institution.†††


The Change Management 3-pack is a convenient way to learn essential change-management skills. Each program is just 20 minutes long, yet packed with useful information and practical advice. And to help you implement what youíve learned, youíll also receive a variety of supplemental materials and recommended resources.


You donít have to wait for change to come. You can make it happen when you subscribe today!

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