Communication in Teaching 3 Pack

Communication in Teaching 3 Pack

Use these communication skills to improve performance

Being well informed in your subject area is only one part of your role as an educator today; to foster a climate that is conducive to learning, you also need polished communication skills.

Communicating effectively and efficiently will actually make your job smoother and more satisfying because students will be more responsive to your instruction.

Learn the key strategies for communicating with your students and making your classroom a dynamic learning environment by modeling the experiences of fellow educators. The subjects explored in the Communication in Teaching 3 Pack are:

Learning Goals

Becoming more effective at communicating with your students in order to further their educational development and maturity is the aim of the Communication in Teaching 3 Pack. Once you view these three sessions, you’ll be able to:

  • Position yourself as approachable and open to students without giving up control
  • Take unpopular positions without alienating students
  • Become a more charismatic teacher and lecturer
  • Sharpen nonverbal skills that can spur student learning
  • Protect your credibility when your students disagree with your actions
  • Learn immediacy skills that motivate student commitment
  • Become more proficient in both online and in-person communication situations
  • Communicate more effectively in out-of-class interactions with students
  • Set a classroom climate that spurs student motivation and engagement
  • Learn ways to assert your power and leadership in prosocial ways
  • Use clarity, credibility, and caring to promote positive learning outcomes
  • Show the relevance of course content to students’ lives and their futures

At just 20 minutes per video, you’ll be able to easily watch and absorb these lessons in a time-saving manner, and the additional resources and supplemental material that come with the series will enhance your viewing.

Topics Covered

This series of three Magna 20-Minute Mentors covers communication behaviors for educators who want to set standards of excellence and help students become better learners and engage with the content more deeply.

These presentations identify communication behaviors to avoid and others to emulate.

Students will not only become better learners; they will view you more favorably as well, which will affect how they interact with you and rate you and whether they come to class with positive learning attitudes.

After just a few minutes of watching, it will become clear that the Communication in Teaching 3 Pack can boost performance for both you and your students.

Discover the keys to great classroom communication and turn the learning experience into something more rewarding for you and your students!


This dynamic and conversational series arms you with techniques to create conditions for vigorous learning in which students naturally want to interact with you and the material.

Individually, these programs sell for $99 each. By purchasing the 3-pack, you will save nearly $50.

See how making simple but fundamental changes in your communication methods can result in a more rewarding learning environment for both you and your students.

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