Designing an Engaging Online Classroom 3 Pack

Designing an Engaging Online Classroom 3 Pack


The educational dynamics in an online classroom present unique problems for teachers. They have to tailor content for students without having any face-to-face interaction with them. They also must be skillful at using multimedia elements to attract and hold studentsí attention.

Many students feel left on their own in an online class. Without the steady presence of an in-person teacher to nurture them, itís easy for students to disengage from essential class discussions.

Creating an online space where teachers have true rapport with their students and where students are motivated to grapple with the course material is the central idea behind this three-part program. The presentations include:


Gain critical advantages from this three-part video series in these ways:

  • Turn online classrooms into welcoming spaces where students do their best work
  • Ignite student involvement in the course through positive online interactions
  • Drive student achievement by combining comforting routines and personal teaching techniques

The result will be online classes that thrive at your school, enrich studentsí learning experiences, and keep your retention rates high!

Learning Goals

After participating in these insightful programs, youíll acquire the means to do the following:

  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current online classroom
  • Use design elements and multimedia features to draw students in
  • Collect student-generated material to advance your teaching goals
  • Embody positive procedures and attitudes that students will mirror
  • Convey your instructions clearly through casual communication channels
  • Adopt different voices to connect with your students
  • Direct discussions with students to garner meaningful responses
  • Avail yourself of prompts that resonate with your students
  • Foster studentsí learning and confidence through self-assessment tools

Topics Covered

These three Magna 20-Minute Mentor programs help you bridge the gap between online environments and your studentsí achievement by helping you create rich, inviting learning spaces.

  • Youíll see how to create a warm, nurturing classroom atmosphere that will lead to better student interactions with you, the course material, and fellow students.
  • Youíll infuse your classroom with personality, tone, and color that encourage your students to participate and take greater responsibility for their work.
  • Youíll manage your classroom efficiently and engage your students confidently before class even begins and throughout the semester.


This presentation series helps both online instructors and the administrators who support them enhance the learning experience of an interactive environment and connect with students for a fulfilling educational experience.


Transform your online classroom into a positive space that helps students reach their potential and feel embraced by you and your school. Order this timely three pack series today.

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