Developing the Growth Mindset 3 Pack

Developing the Growth Mindset 3 Pack

Open the doorway for your students to achieve lifelong learning

A pillar of learning consists of engaging with the material in a deep and active way. But many students don’t invest the sweat equity necessary for protracted learning and mastering subject matter. They choose easy but inconsequential study methods.

Educators who want to reverse these passive habits will have to unleash students’ natural curiosity, give them the confidence to tackle challenging projects doggedly, and make it easy to learn without making it easy to get good grades. In this program you can see these transformative techniques in action. The presentations include:


The techniques revealed in this three-part video series will help educators in following ways:

  • Combat students’ bad study habits
  • Correct their misperceptions about learning, and turn them into tenacious, growth-minded individuals
  • Transform passive students into eager, involved, confident learners

The result will be schools that graduate students with a self-directed, lifelong love of learning and the confidence to pursue it!

Learning Goals

After participating in this insightful program you’ll acquire the means to:

  • Keep student curiosity high daily and throughout the semester
  • Frame classroom discussions in attention-getting ways
  • Use a surprising array of speaking and gesturing to influence student interest
  • Define a three-pronged approach to teaching grit
  • Promote a growth mindset with different instructional and classroom strategies
  • Foster persistence to drive engagement with and retention of coursework
  • Develop compelling exams and projects
  • Make it easy to learn and still maintain grade integrity
  • Help students apply concepts, make inferences, and weigh interrelationships in what they learn

Topics Covered

The strategies explored in this Magna 20-Minute program gives educators a renewed sense of purpose as they instruct students in purposeful learning that can serve them for a lifetime.

  • You"ll see how unlocking students’ innate curiosity has a direct, positive effect on their achievement and advancement
  • You"ll get techniques for making students tougher when they face obstacles, building their mental fortitude, and developing their confidence in their ability to learn
  • You"ll clear up students’ mistaken beliefs about learning and arm them with new ways for tackling and mastering almost any kind of coursework


This presentation series is designed to help faculty and educators develop a genuine interest in students to work harder and longer thereby dramatically improving their chances for success.


Help students become self-directed learners and equip them with strong mental habits that will stay with them throughout their lives. Order this compelling 3 pack series today.

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