Effective Mentoring Toolkit 3 Pack

Effective Mentoring Toolkit 3 Pack

Whether you’re inspiring the next generation of faculty members or you have a hand in shaping the next great entrepreneurs of our time, there’s no telling how far the influence of a strong mentor can reach.

But with a full schedule and a never-ending to-do list, how can you find the time to add yet another responsibility to the list?

The truth is, as a faculty member you’re already playing a mentoring role in your students’ lives. You just may not realize it yet.

This 3-pack of Magna 20-Minute Mentors will help you define what it means to be a mentor, sharing practical and insightful tips for how you can fulfill this role efficiently and effectively.

Here’s your chance to discover fresh and engaging solutions to the following key questions:

  • How Can I Be an Effective Mentor?
  • How Can I Effectively Mentor My Students?
  • How Can I Write Better Letters of Recommendation?


This 3-pack offers all of the tools you need to address mentoring relationships, no matter where you are in your teaching career.

You will learn how to do the following:

  • Address the three distinct areas of mentoring: faculty-to-faculty, faculty-to-student, and writing letters of recommendation
  • Be the best mentor you can be without taking too much time and effort away from other responsibilities
  • Seek out different opportunities for mentoring—whether in the classroom, with teaching or research assistants, or through general on-campus interactions.
  • Reduce time and stress when writing student letters of recommendation


Presenter Ken Alford of Brigham Young University shares his unique perspective, drawing on decades of mentoring experience. He inspires you to improve your mentoring relationships, helping you boost student and faculty morale and outcomes in the process.

After viewing this 3-pack, you will be able to do the following:

  • Articulate the basic principles governing effective mentoring and understand how each can be practically applied in various situations
  • Set up and maintain a productive mentoring relationship with a mentee
  • Help a mentee progress through the four stages of development
  • Find additional resources to further improve your mentoring abilities as you encounter new situations and find new solutions to questions from mentees


Mentoring is a topic that every faculty member at every institution encounters. Whether you are the mentor or the mentee, this 3-pack presentation will help guide your mentoring relationships, provide practical tips and takeaways, and allow you to grow in your career.

Key topics include the following:

  • Defining faculty and student mentoring expectations
  • Being accessible as a mentor
  • Building self-reliance in your mentees
  • Outlining the dos and don’ts of mentoring


If you’re looking to approach mentoring relationships from a new angle while gaining fresh perspectives and new ideas about faculty and student mentoring, this 3-pack of 20-Minute Mentors is for you.


Order today, and learn how to be a successful mentor without disrupting your other roles and responsibilities. Start building stronger mentoring relationships in your institution, and watch relationships between colleagues grow, discover vast improvements in faculty efforts, and make a meaningful difference on your student success rate.

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