Energize Your Membership: Creating Active Members

Energize Your Membership: Creating Active Members


Apathy is deadly in any organization, and especially in campus groups ó where your time is limited in the first place, and a lack of commitment means it's unlikely anything will get done.

Energize Your Membership: Creating Active Members, a National Center for Student Leadership trainer shows how to tap into the abundant energy your student members possess.

This program will cover and uncover many relevant questions and their answers.Viewing this presentation, you will discover:

  • How to recruit effectively
  • How to empower people and build enthusiasm from day one
  • How to establish a shared vision
  • How to encourage a sense of ownership through participatory decision-making
  • How to develop new leaders from within
  • How to create a sense of team
  • How to use recognition to maintain commitment

Learning Goals

After participating in this video presentation, you will be able to:

  • Learn strategies for increasing member involvement and engagement
  • Develop and implement programs and activities to promote membership action
  • Identify what constitutes an "active" member


Find out how you can ignite passion, encourage action, and create a stronger, more dynamic student organization. Order Energize Your Membership: Creating Active Members today.

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