Expand Your Reach: Creating Exceptional Videos 3 pack

Expand Your Reach: Creating Exceptional Videos 3 pack

Video is arguably one of the most powerful communication tools today—however, even as video usage in higher education continues to increase, academic knowledge rarely permeates into mainstream society, much less the media. But there are plenty of opportunities instructors can take advantage of to expand their reach from local to global as educators and problem solvers, and build a personal brand that influences others, broadens knowledge, and enhances their career—even outside of academia.

Through a plethora of easy-to-use tips and tricks, simple step-by-step guidelines, and new perspectives on using video as a communication tool, this suite of 20-Minute Mentors, presented by Jill Schiefelbein, will help expand instructors’ video expertise and credibility, and create more engaged students and more successful institutions.

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The demand and need for knowledge has never been greater and, in higher education, using video as a tool for disseminating knowledge is now almost commonplace. While viewing these programs, instructors will start thinking about video and distributing content in a different way—ultimately resulting in becoming teachers who are capable of making a larger impact on a broader audience.

During these dynamic programs, you’ll:

  • Discover the role video can play in various aspects of academia
  • Learn five strategies for using video outside the classroom
  • Explore different opportunities for creating video and techniques for disseminating video
  • Discover various approaches to dividing content and presenting ideas for video
  • Gain a background in and practical tools for creating livestreaming video
  • Explore livestreaming for assignments


  • Why video is today’s primary communication tool
  • The role video plays in teaching, learning, and research
  • How to use video to create engagement both in and out of the classroom
  • How to create videos that go beyond microlecture and online classroom use
  • The basics of livestreaming video and how livestreaming can help instructors better reach students where they are


This three-part series is intended for faculty that would like to enhance their video creation and dissemination skills. Discover how video can impact exposure and lead to personal and professional growth.

Faculty developers who are well-versed in the idea that faculty should be creating and sharing video to better communicate with students across campus will also benefit from this product. This multipack provides developers with tools to share with faculty to improve job and teaching performance.


By learning how to effectively create, share, and stream video, instructors become more successful in communicating and solving problems. This multipack of programs not only contains tips for creating impactful videos, it also provides actionable advice for advancing one’s career by getting video content viewed by a broader audience. Purchase today!


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