Grading Best Practices 4-pack

Grading Best Practices 4-pack

Effective assessment strategies

Grading can be even more challenging for instructors than it is for students.

After all, instructors have to set standards, follow them, and find enough hours in the day to get their work done.

And whether you’re reviewing papers, exams, or class participation—when you grade students, you’re also evaluating yourself as an educator.

If you’d like to improve your personal performance, the Grading Best Practices 4-pack is for you.

You’ll discover practical solutions, from the presenters to the following instructional issues:

Learning Goals

 In this series of four Magna 20-Minute Mentors, you’ll learn skills to improve your approach to grading and your overall teaching. These videos will show you real-world tested techniques to make your grading more consistent, comprehensive, efficient, and effective.

Each program is only 20 minutes in length, so you’ll be able to enhance your pedagogical toolkit at your convenience.

After participating in the four programs included in the Grading Best Practices 4-pack, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify common pitfalls associated with grading student participation
  • Design positive and negative criteria to use in evaluating student participation
  • Formulate strategies for implementing assessment plans
  • Develop and implement feedback strategies to help students improve their participation
  • Design and use rubrics to support learning outcomes
  • Employ a total point grading system in any course
  • Explain to students how grades are determined

Topics Covered

Grading is an essential link in the feedback chain of higher education, and it’s one of a faculty member’s most important responsibilities. The Grading Best Practices 4-pack will help you make sure your grading system encourages student learning and sends messages consistent with your overall teaching strategy.

You’ll learn proven techniques to help you upgrade your approach to important grading issues, such as:

  • Participation – Learn techniques to keep all students aware of how their class contributions will be evaluated
  • Rubrics – Find out how rubrics can help you avoid biases in scoring
  • Total Point Systems – See how point-based systems can reduce student complaints about grades
  • Technology – Discover how technology can help you provide more and better quality feedback, in less time


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