How Can I Add Interactivity to My Online Content?

How Can I Add Interactivity to My Online Content?

Make your online content more interactive

Giving students repeated opportunities to interact with content is essential for learning.

Too often, however, students don稚 have this option in online and hybrid classes. They might interact with content through homework or extra readings, but they miss out on the type of immediate engagement with course material found in the face-to-face classroom.

Addressing this problem and providing solutions is the topic of How Can I Add Interactivity to My Online Content?, the 20-Minute Mentor from Magna Publications, available for purchase now.

Dr. John Orlando, of Northcentral University, leads an exciting discussion about how to add interactivity to increase student learning and retention of course material.

Discover the two types of memory and the key roles they play in learning, and become familiar with the tools Dr. Orlando favors in preparing his own interactive online content. A series of embedded screenshots demonstrates these tools in action.

The presentation covers tactics for engaging students, such as requesting feedback at timely intervals, posing questions for discussion, and taking periodic pauses that allow the student to consider and retain the subject matter in each course unit. You値l learn how to prepare videos that draw students in and get them to respond by adding tags and links to other sites.

In only 20 minutes, you値l acquire simple, easy-to-use tools for making your content more interactive and driving student achievement.

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Topics Covered

Studies show that students who interact with online content make great strides in their studies, comprehension, and retention of the course material.

In How Can I Add Interactivity to My Online Content?, you値l discover practical, actionable takeaways for bringing interactive features to any lesson you teach in an online class.

After watching this video, you will be able to

  • Understand the role that interactivity plays in learning
  • Identify a variety of ways to add interactivity to online learning content
  • Become proficient at using different tools that add interactive elements
  • Modularize online content for enhanced student understanding

You値l see a real-life example of interactivity in action as Dr. Orlando walks you through a video he prepared for his own class. You値l discover the tools he uses as you watch him add interactive features and discuss their purpose. After Dr. Orlando walks you step-by-step through the process, you値l possess the confidence to prepare your own online course lessons with interactive features that will engage and involve your students.

Benefits of viewing

With Dr. Orlando as your guide, you値l have a one-on-one tutorial with multiple examples for adding interactive segments to your online content.

Watch this video, and you will master how to

  • Embed interactive elements into your online classes
  • Make it easier for students to discuss content
  • Use discussion forums, Google Forms, EDPuzzle, and ThingLink
  • Add the right amount of interactive moments to gain the best results
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