How Can I Build a Successful Faculty Development Program?

How Can I Build a Successful Faculty Development Program?

Implement a successful inservice program on your

There are few places where tradition matters in higher education. The ceremonies. The rituals. The rivalries. The history.

But that doesn’t mean it is immune to change.

In fact, you can’t miss all the changes at colleges and universities these days, from the technology that is breaking down the walls of the lecture halls to the laws that are demanding how we handle safety and equality on campus and in the classroom to the increasingly diverse group of people who teach our students.

Practically every day introduces a brave new world of teaching and learning.

The challenge, of course, is keeping all your instructors up to speed with all that change. No one person can stay on top of everything.

That is where in-service training comes in. With the right programming, you can make sure that your faculty—regular and adjunct, along with instructors and teaching assistants—have access to and actually use the professional development resources they need in order to remain compliant and relevant.

Creating that kind of program is no small task, but you can learn how in How Can I Build a Successful Faculty Development Program?

Learning Goals

The program presenters break the big challenge down into more manageable components. They cover why you need to review and potentially improve your existing inservice programming.

They touch on the topics, skills, and policies that you need to cover. And they give you sound ideas for successfully implementing your own inservice training.

When you are finished with this program, you will:

  • Recognize that a successful inservice program begins with careful and thoughtful design
  • Know how to develop a plan to systematically analyze the purpose, topics, and mechanics of your inservice program
  • Be able to identify relevant topics for your faculty
  • Know how to select the most appropriate means to deliver inservice content

Topics Covered

This program covers the major points of inservice program development, from goal setting and generating faculty buy-in to logistics and content management and more—all in just 20 minutes.

You will quickly learn that while there is a lot to do, you likely have access to campus resources that can make it easier to build the program you want and make it effective and successful.

How Can I Build a Successful Faculty Development Program? presents real solutions that have worked for other colleges and universities, and they can work for you.


Some of your faculty will search out professional development to stay current.

Some just won’t have time. Some won’t have access to the resources.

Others just won’t know what is timely or what is critical. But you can bridge all those gaps to create a well-trained faculty that is prepared for teaching on today’s campus.

How Can I Build a Successful Faculty Development Program? is the perfect place to begin because it offers training on your terms. Place your order now.

You will learn why it is so important and how to get started—all in a convenient, hard-hitting, on-demand, 20-minute video that you can watch whenever it works for you. 

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