How Can I Design Academic Integrity into My Online Programs?

How Can I Design Academic Integrity into My Online Programs?

Ensure Academic Integrity Across Your Campus

There have always been students who knew how to game the system, particularly in the virtual classroom.

A lack of consistent, campus-wide policies and procedures to promote honesty made it easy to be dishonest. Some departments didn't communicate to compare policies. In the most egregious cases, there were no policies at all.

Yet, by learning and applying some shrewd strategies, schools can cut down on dishonest behavior, especially in online courses. That's the idea behind How Can I Design Academic Integrity into My Online Programs?


As the presenter reveals in his presentation, campuses that already have academic-integrity panels often miss two great opportunities. You'll learn what those opportunities are and how your school can instill standards of behavior that deliver extraordinary results.

After viewing this video, you will walk away with:

  • Ways for teaching students the behaviors to avoid and those to adopt
  • A clear set of standards that can unify faculty across campus
  • Reasonable, positive expectations for students and faculty
  • Techniques for getting input from students, faculty, administrators, and alumni
  • Sample documents, rubrics, and recommended resources for self-learning

Learning Goals

In a candid and captivating presentation, the presenter identifies academic-integrity tools and techniques that can be adapted to fit the specific needs of your program or institution.

The video reveals a three-stage process for putting these policies and procedures into practice—including the key wording from the prsenter's own university president that made a measurable difference by setting high standards of academic integrity for students.

You'll get examples taken directly from schools that illustrate how a problem was uncovered, the solution chosen, the technique executed, and the result produced. You'll discover concrete steps for raising the academic integrity level at your campus—and give your students a valuable life lesson that will serve them in the workplace and beyond.

Topics Covered

The program mentor explores six key points for enlisting all departments on campus to line up behind an academic integrity program. He'll also explain methods for getting both students and faculty to keep academic integrity top of mind.

After viewing this presentation, you will be able to:

  • Identify target behaviors to be either discouraged or encouraged
  • Invite a broad range of stakeholders to form and carry out campus processes and policies
  • Analyze patterns from individual learners and decide what actions to take
  • Create formal structures to support a campus climate of academic honesty
  • Establish procedures for sanctioning poor behavior and rewarding exemplary conduct

How Can I Design Academic Integrity into My Online Programs? provides tools and guidelines for recruiting administrators, faculty, and students to make academic integrity a respected part of the core curriculum. Get the solutions for your school.


Viewers at all levels can benefit from this video, particularly those with an intermediate understanding of the subject. Distance education administrators will find this presentation especially informative and relevant.


Colleges and universities that display a serious commitment to academic integrity gain a competitive advantage for tuition dollars. See how integrating these policies across your campus can dramatically affect student performance and habits. Buy your video today.

Even the brightest students need to be educated and reminded about the protocols of ethical academic behavior. This 20-minute presentation addresses this timely issue insightfully and realistically.

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