How Can I Develop Online Instructor Presence?

How Can I Develop Online Instructor Presence?

Build a persona to connect with students in the online

Teachers in a traditional classroom can readily build a bond with their students through face-to-face interaction. Online instructors lack this advantage. Because they are typically unseen during their lectures, that crucial connection is much harder to achieve.

A vibrant instructor presence leads to improved student retention in online classes and more authentic teaching. Many online instructors, however, don't know how to create a persona that engages students and is always there for them.


An effective online instructor presence is a crucial part of teaching today. Students respond more enthusiastically to instructors who "reach through the screen" to engage with them.

As a viewer of this timely and lively video, you grow as an educator and learn how developing an online instructor presence can help you:

  • Create a more cohesive class community
  • Address student problems early
  • Foster more self-reliance and personal fortitude in your students
  • Promote collaboration among students
  • Come up with realistic policies that support students' fragmented lives today

Learning Goals

During this presentation, you learn how to choose images and fonts that reflect your persona. You see how something as simple as a syllabus review and the sharing of current news items can also cement the bond with your students.

After watching this video, you will be able to:

  • Explain what teacher presence means
  • Identify the core elements of your teaching persona
  • Identify three ways to share your persona at the beginning of the course
  • Identify three ways to regularly express teacher presence
  • Assess student awareness of and attitudes toward teacher presence
  • Identify your teaching persona on the fly

Topics Covered

It's not hard to establish a strong instructor presence when you are shown how. The tips and strategies outlined in How Can I Develop Online Instructor Presence? can be put to use almost immediately—deepening the educational experience for both educators and their students.

The program presenter gives you step-by-step guidelines for establishing an instructor presence in your online classes. You see how to determine what your teaching persona is. You identify the things you want to share with your class and create a strategy for expressing your persona throughout the semester.

She reveals how she created her own persona, what she wanted to communicate to her students, and how she reinforced this through policies and activities. You see how the use of simple video and audio tools helps her engage with her students in meaningful ways.

You also get several examples of common teaching traits and how you might communicate them online. Put another way: you find the persona that best captures your personality and the methods that best share your persona with your students regularly.


You also get checklists, recommended resources, and a sample persona model to further assist you after the presentation.

It is important to have an idea of the presence you want to share—and then be clear and direct about sharing it. Viewing this video will arm you with key strategies for success in almost any online teaching environment.


This program is geared for educators with all levels of awareness. The practical takeaways—delivered in presenters' relaxed, informal speaking style—can help you present yourself vividly to your students, increase their retention rate, and pull them together.


Solving this problem with easy-to-implement ideas is the core message behind How Can I Develop Online Instructor Presence?, a 20-Minute Mentor video now available for purchase from Magna Publications.

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