How Can I Effectively Use Class Preparation Assignments?

How Can I Effectively Use Class Preparation Assignments?

Optimize learning in your courses with CPAs

Class preparation assignments, or CPAs, are assignments that students complete before class so that they come to class ready to wrestle with course material.

They enable you to use your class time more effectively and to actually move students toward higher levels of learning.

It is critical, however, to craft these assignments carefully so that they are the right level of difficulty and so that they support what you want to do with your class time.

You need to make sure students present independent answers, even if they arrive at those answers by working with their peers (which is a good thing!).

You also need to know how to manage CPAs so that grading them doesn’t monopolize your time, and how to incorporate them into exams so that students understand their value.

None of this is top secret. In fact, you can learn it all when you watch How Can I Effectively Use Class Preparation Assignments?

Learning Goals

How Can I Effectively Use Class Preparation Assignments? will illustrate the difference between CPAs and what we used to call homework.

The presenters’ 30 years of knowledge and experience using this course design will also help you avoid common pitfalls and frustrations that many instructors face when beginning to use CPAs.

You’ll be prepared to use them effectively right from the start. All it takes is 20 minutes.

When you are finished with this program, you will know how to:

  • Use course design to incentivize students to come to class prepared
  • Clearly and carefully explain your definitional grading system
  • Reinforce student preparation by covering CPA questions in class
  • Incorporate CPA questions on tests to reinforce the importance of coming to class prepared
  • Use CPA questions to engage all students in class

Topics Covered

How Can I Effectively Use Class Preparation Assignments? will prepare you to create class preparation assignments that will transform the classroom experience for you and your students.

The presenters will guide you through writing CPA questions that hit the mark and using those CPAs as a foundation for class discussion and learning activities—all in just 20 minutes!


The program presenters outline the key distinctions between homework and class preparation assignments.

Then they offer insights into how to use the latter to optimize learning in your courses. Order now.

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