How Can I Enhance Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Skills?

How Can I Enhance Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Skills?

What You Need to Know to Improve Student Learning

Explore techniques you can use to transform your students into champions of learning with How Can I Enhance Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Skills?

Thinking about how one thinks, or metacognition, is not a practice that comes readily to most new college and university students. But the sooner they develop their skill at self-monitoring their learning processes, the more successful and rewarding their educational experience will be.

Learning Goals

This presentation combines presenters' commitment to both student learning and research-based innovation in higher education. Multiple studies have shown the many ways self-regulated learning helps students:

  • Become better problem solvers
  • Enhance their listening skills
  • Retain more of what they read
  • Improve their exam scores
  • Avoid the pitfalls of overconfidence

After participating in this Magna 20-Minute Mentor, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe and explain self-regulated learning and the stages of the learning process it addresses
  • Employ and interpret sample activities and assignments to enhance your students’ self-regulated learning skills
  • Effectively schedule self-regulated learning activities and assignments throughout a course
  • Assess self-regulated learning assignments efficiently when necessary

Topics Covered

Athletes and artists are expected to practice rigorous self-monitoring and self-evaluation.

Why should college students be any different?

How Can I Enhance Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Skills? will show you how to help your students develop techniques to boost student learning in your course and set the stage for effective, lifelong learning. 

You’ll learn about the three stages of self-regulated learning—planning, monitoring, and evaluating—and explore an array of activities proven to be effective at enhancing students’ self-awareness of their learning. You’ll also review the best times to use these practices, all of which are designed not to increase your grading responsibilities!


This presentation is research-based with a practical focus, covering everything from students’ first encounter with new material to end-of-course activities. The presenter will show you:

  • Why you should integrate self-regulated learning activities with your lectures
  • How self-testing can nip homework problems in the bud
  • When students are most likely to overestimate their abilities


How Can I Enhance Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Skills? is relevant to all faculty members actively engaged with teaching or supporting instruction on your campus.

This session will even accommodate those faculty members who feel chronically pressed for time. The presenters' recommendations for implementing self-regulated learning are specifically designed to minimize any additions to your assessment time. In fact, the majority of activities she recommends to improve student learning should be graded only on a pass/fail basis, if at all.


If you wish to learn the three stages of self-regulated learning plus specific and real-world-tested techniques you can use to encourage student self-monitoring, self-testing, and self-evaluation then this is the right program for you. Place your order today.

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