How Can I Gain Institutional Buy-In for Using OER?

How Can I Gain Institutional Buy-In for Using OER?

Adopting OER in the classroom has clear benefits to both faculty and students. Students save on the outrageous cost of textbooks, while teachers can customize their content to align with the learning objectives of their course. This ultimately saves time and effort—and it makes everyone a little bit happier about teaching and learning, too.

Many institutions are taking OER to the next level by institutionalizing it to help save students hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Implementing an institution-wide project such as this might sound like a bit of a tall order, but with proper buy-in and a solid implementation team, schools can cultivate a successful all-campus roll-out.

Purchase the How Can I Gain Institutional Buy-In for Using OER? 20-Minute Mentor program, presented by Erik Christensen, PhD, who, over the span of two years, helped lead a team that championed the institutionalization of OER across his campus, resulting in saving students $425,000 in a year.

This program provides strategies and tactics that help promote the institutionalization of OER and create stakeholder, faculty, and student buy-in. You’ll learn how to mitigate some of the challenges that sometimes come with the institutionalization of OER and leverage a successful roll-out.


Upon completion of this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the obstacles of institutionalizing OER
  • Identify who to involve when institutionalizing OER
  • Leverage concrete strategies that promote the institutionalization of OER
  • Identify campus resources and build an implementation team that can help institutionalize OER


  • Obstacles to institutionalizing OER
  • 20 steps for implementing OER institution-wide
  • Strategies to promote institutionalizing OER across campus
  • How to encourage faculty to use OER
  • Acquiring buy-in from academic leaders
  • Establishing an OER implementation team


This program will benefit faculty, deans, instructional technology designers, and others who are interested in finding innovative ways to increase access to higher education and decrease textbook costs by implementing OER.


Adopting OER on the institution-wide level can significantly expand and improve upon the goals of the institution. But garnering faculty and institutional support is its own beast. This program walks you through methods for cultivating buy-in from academic stakeholders and faculty, methods for promoting the benefits of OER across campus and disciplines, establishing an implementation team, and building a successful launch.

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