How Can I Gain Valuable Insight from Course Evaluations?

How Can I Gain Valuable Insight from Course Evaluations?


Surveys have shown that faculty members in the middle of their careers are often dissatisfied with the way their institutions handle end-of-course ratings. Evaluations may provide some value, but they often lack the details that help faculty improve and reach their full potential as teachers.

How Can I Gain Valuable Insight from Course Evaluations? explores this problem candidly, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of current evaluation techniques. The presentation provides multiple tools and school-tested advice for making course evaluations more accurate and informative for faculty members, as well as tips for generating useful feedback from students.


Midcareer faculty members will easily recognize their own frustrations laid out in How Can I Gain Valuable Insight from Course Evaluations? and come away with realistic, relevant solutions.

Viewers who watch this engaging 20-minute presentation will discover how to:

  • Ask hard questions about the quality of feedback
  • Use evaluation comments to overcome existing problems
  • Adjust attitudes to make a dramatic impact on progress
  • Channel the innate desire to improve into success

Instead of being held back by the limitations of standard evaluation methods, you’ll see the many constructive options at your disposal. You will also discover how to elicit the best high-quality feedback from your students.


Come to a clearer understanding of your identity as a teacher and the steps you can take to grow and develop as an educator.

After viewing this presentation, you will be able to:

  • Use student feedback to hone strategic teaching techniques
  • Identify aspects of your teaching that need to improve
  • Develop a strong belief that you can change and improve based on feedback
  • Focus on changes related to teaching first, not promotions and tenure
  • Help students participate more fully in the learning process
  • Seek out positive behaviors to develop professionally


This 20-Minute Mentor discusses the qualities necessary for constructive feedback, such as specifics, details, and timeliness.

You'll see how to use guided self-reflection to improve. You’ll see the benefit of focusing on one aspect of your teaching and not a global assessment of the entire course. You’ll also receive supplemental resources, articles, and checklists, including a tool designed by the presenter herself to deepen your understanding and upgrade the level of feedback you receive.


Every teacher who wants to improve their teaching or who has had a problem with feedback can benefit from this presentation. It will give little-known but effective tools that will be of most help to:

  • Full- and part-time midcareer faculty in any undergraduate course
  • Department heads who need to supervise both teacher and student progress
  • Administrators concerned with academic achievements and techniques at their schools
  • Faculty and administrators at both two- and four-year institutions
  • Faculty and administrators at both public and private institutions


Midcareer faculty have few professional development resources to choose from—which makes this presentation an essential resource. Learn from a distinguished presenter about how to make this part of your career fulfilling. Order your presentation today!

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