How Can I Measure My Faculty Development Center's Impact?

How Can I Measure My Faculty Development Center's Impact?

Measuring Impact - Can You Quantify the Value of a
Faculty Development Center?

Faculty development centers are generally not cash cows.

Our work does not always slide easily into line items or factor clearly into financial decisions.

Just because faculty development centers do not typically operate under financial models that make it easy to demonstrate their worth does not mean you cannot prove that your center is essential to institutional success.

†In fact, you can communicate the value of your work in ways that matter to the people behind the budgets.

If youíre ready to show how instrumental and invaluable your centerís work is, youíll want to watch How Can I Measure My Faculty Development Centerís Impact?

Learning Goals

The presenter understands that your priority is supporting and developing your faculty with accessible and desirable programming that leads to better teaching and improved student outcomes.

He also recognizes that increasing calls for accountability demand that you be able to demonstrate your value in fiscal terms.

When you are finished with this program, you will know how to:

  • Focus on outcomes (measures of impact) rather than outputs (measures of attendance or participation)
  • Use a variety of measures to collect data related to your outcomes
  • Use data thatís already being collected, either by your center or by the institution, rather than reinventing the wheel
  • Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different types of data
  • Use meaningful data to directly measure the impact of your center
  • Communicate your centerís value, effectiveness and return on investment to pertinent campus constituents in relevant and appropriate language

Topics Covered

Not every department or center on campus generates revenue, but every program needs to demonstrate its value.

You will learn how to determine which outcomes are relevant, how to measure them, and how to communicate your results in ways that prove your value Ė all in just 20 minutes.

How Can I Measure My Faculty Development Centerís Impact? presents real strategies Ė not just theoretical ideasóthat have worked at other institutions and that can work for you.

The program mentor incorporates numerous specific examples from his centerís annual report and strategic planning guide.


In just 20 minutes the presenter describes how to evaluate the impact of your faculty development center with simple and accessible data-driven tools and then use those results to communicate your centerís value to relevant campus constituents. Order today!

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