How Can I Use Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) Online?

How Can I Use Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) Online?

Use student feedback to gauge comprehension and
identify learning gaps

In a live classroom, students’ faces reveal a great deal. Eye contact, nodding heads, and furrowed brows reveal comprehension and attentiveness. In an online environment, however, those cues frequently are missing. Despite the lack of face-to-face contact in online teaching, faculty can use proven Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) to gauge student understanding of the material, concepts, and salient points.

How Can I Use Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) Online? introduces five proven techniques for assessment of whether your students are “getting it.” Practical tips help you modify your favorite CATs to the online space using the features of your online learning management system.

Learning Goals

Drawing on her 15 years of teaching experience in online and traditional settings, the presenter presents five CATs and shows you how to apply them to different classroom situations, including large classes, laboratory classes, hybrid classes, and online classes with synchronous instruction.

After participating in How Can I Use Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) Online?, you will be able to:

  • Explain what a CAT is
  • Adapt a classroom CAT to an online teaching environment
  • Use the results of a CAT to identify ways to adjust your teaching
  • Apply CATs to a variety of academic settings, including laboratories, large classes, and seminars

Learn practical tips to incorporate into your courses and receive:

  • Tips for converting your classroom CATs using tools on different learning management systems
  • Recommended resources for further study

"So many great ideas that were new to me and refreshers on ideas that I have heard before. I will absolutely be using these in my class." - Kaylee Wynkoop, Assistant Professor, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Topics Covered

How Can I Use Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) Online? provides practical introductions to five proven techniques that will give you insight into your online classrooms.

During this seminar, you’ll learn the following CATs:

  • A Background Knowledge Probe is a simple and short questionnaire designed to assess student preconceptions at the beginning of a new course, unit, or lesson
  • The Muddiest Point helps assess where a student might be having trouble. Ask students to quickly answer “What was the muddiest (most unclear) point in the lecture, discussion, homework assignment, activity, etc.?”
  • A Minute Paper asks students to write answers to two questions: “What was the most important thing you learned in this class?” and “What important question remains unanswered?”
  • Student-Generated Test Questions ask students tocreate questions and answersto be included on the test
  • The One-Sentence Summary has studentsanswer “Who does what to whom, when, where, how, and why?”


Learn how to use the insights gained from using CATs to adjust future lessons and target your instruction to better meet the needs of your students. As a participant, you’ll gain skills you can apply in both online and traditional classrooms.

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