How Can I Use Icebreakers to Connect with Students?

How Can I Use Icebreakers to Connect with Students?

Motivating college students with ice-breaking activities

You know teaching and learning are more effective when students are motivated.

One of the keys to motivating students is finding out what makes them tick, and the sooner you can do that, the better.

In How Can I Use Icebreakers to Connect with Students? you’ll learn how you can use class openings to forge connections with college students through introductory surveys, icebreakers, and more.

Learning Goals

After participating in this session, you will learn how to:

  • Select practical, helpful and suitable ways to get to know your students
  • Determine the best way to use this information
  • Delve into additional resources discovered in the seminar.

Topics Covered

Using examples from the literature and her extensive higher education experience, the program presenter shares student engagement techniques you can start using immediately to learn about your students’ background, whether you’re teaching a small group or large lecture.

You’ll think, write and reflect during this session, and come away with practices you can adapt for your classroom.

Review such practices as:

  • Using introductory surveys to get to know students before your first class
  • Employing multiple approaches to help students establish personal links with course goals
  • Making connections with icebreakers like “two truths & a wish,” or “human bingo”
  • Encouraging self-assessment through “background information probes”
  • Tracking changes in students’ thinking through “personal philosophy Statements”
  • Inviting students to control some aspects of the course

Putting your new knowledge to work will be straightforward, especially with the detailed handouts the presenter provides.


In How Can I Use Icebreakers to Connect with Students? you will see that learning about your students’ backgrounds and goals need not take much class time, but can add a great deal to teaching and learning. Place your order today.

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