How Can I Use Low-stakes Quizzing to Enhance Learning?

How Can I Use Low-stakes Quizzing to Enhance Learning?

Increase Student Motivation and Confidence

More quizzes = happier students.


You might be thinking just the opposite, but let us explain.

A frequent, low-stakes FLS grading strategy, when used correctly, can decrease your workload while increasing student motivation and confidence. As an added benefit, it helps ensure students arrive to class prepared and ready to learn.


The idea behind FLS is simple: you give many grades with lower weights.

Meanwhile, the benefits are numerous:

  • Creates a numerical dialogue, so students can always answer the key question, “How am I doing in this course?”
  • Builds students’ confidence because there are many opportunities to succeed
  • Increases student motivation and desire to achieve

In this program, the program presenter shares how FLS grading works and the benefits it can bring to your students.

FLS quizzing solves other challenges teachers face:

  • Having too many students arrive late? Start each class with a simple verbal quiz
  • Want to increase student comprehension? Frequent quizzes naturally motivate students to read with engagement and attention
  • Ready to enhance your students’ confidence? Give multiple low-stakes quizzes with easy questions; save the harder questions for the exam
  • Trying to encourage students to discuss the class material? Use FLS quizzes to break the ice and start student exchanges

And what do students think of an FLS grading strategy?

Here are some actual comments taken from course evaluations:

“The reading quizzes kept me on point and made sure I completed all the reading for the week.”

“… created a little man in the back of my mind that told me to read.”

Topics Covered

After watching this focused 20-minute program, you will understand how to use a frequent, low-stakes grading strategy to:

  • Improve classroom management … and student attendance
  • Increase students’ comprehension of course material
  • Design appropriate quiz questions that assimilate course objectives and take minimal effort to grade
  • Build student confidence
  • Enhance student-to-student and student-to-instructor dialogue to create an open learning environment
  • Complement your overall course assessment strategy

Frequent, low-stakes quizzing is a student-centered teaching strategy that has become a pedagogical best practice.


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