How Can I Use Technology to Create Custom Automated Feedback?

How Can I Use Technology to Create Custom Automated Feedback?

Automated Feedback in the college classroom

“What percentage of your feedback is unique to one student?”

That’s the compelling way this program presenter opens Magna 20-Minute Mentor, How Can I Use Technology to Create Custom Automated Feedback?

In less time than you might spend reviewing one paper, she’ll show you how to use feedback banks, feedback technology, and automated feedback to improve your online comments to students.

In the process, you’ll also improve your students’ experience with teaching online, increasing their learning, motivation, and satisfaction.


High-quality, individualized feedback is essential for effective online teaching, providing multiple benefits. Good online feedback strengthens your connection with students and keeps students engaged with your class.

It can also take an extraordinary amount of time. However, since many of the same issues crop up semester after semester with student after student, it’s possible to collect your comments, store them in feedback banks, and use online grading and feedback technology to distribute individualized yet automated feedback.

The benefits to your students include:

  • More online feedback, since you’ll have time for both general and specific comments
  • Higher-quality feedback—since you’ll be drafting a comment only once, you can go into greater depth
  • Greater consistency in your online feedback
  • More timely delivery of feedback

Just as important, you’ll have more time to interact with your students and enrich your online courses.

Learning Goals

This content-rich seminar moves through analysis, application and synthesis in Bloom’s Taxonomy of critical thinking. After participating in this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Employ feedback technology to make the best use of feedback banks in your online teaching
  • Create a structure for organizing feedback banks based on general mechanics, assignment and cognitive understanding
  • Combine automated feedback with customized comments to improve the quality and quantity of your online feedback

Topics Covered

If you really want to provide effective online feedback using technology in online courses, you need to take it to the bank—the feedback bank, that is.

Find out what feedback banks are—and how they can improve your online teaching.

The presenter shows you how to create a feedback bank by collecting the most valuable—and common—comments you make in your online teaching.

You’ll learn:

  • The content areas that require the most online feedback
  • How to organize feedback banks
  • Practical tips for saving your comments and making the most of feedback technology


To help you start building your feedback banks right away, the program presenter will also provide sample documents, checklists, discussion questions, and lists of further resources.


Like all Magna 20 Minute Mentors, How Can I Use Technology to Create Custom Automated Feedback? is designed by and for busy professionals in higher education. Whether you’re an old hand at online teaching or just starting out with online feedback, this session is rich with content you can use—and use right away.


You won’t need fancy equipment or a big budget to take advantage of these opportunities to use automated feedback. In fact, some of the feedback technology programs the presenter recommends are probably already installed on your computer.

Feedback banks can also be adapted for use with online learning systems.

If you’d like to upgrade your online feedback - and your online teaching - this session is for you. Purchase now.

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