How Can I Use Technology to Improve Learning?

How Can I Use Technology to Improve Learning?

Choose the best technology for your courses

Weaned on cell phones and laptops, nurtured on tablets, and finished on Fitbits and other gadgets, today’s students are true digital natives.

It is where they go for connections, for ideas, for answers, and more. They are innately and inherently comfortable there.

Some of us, however, are not. While not entirely foreign, technology can be confusing and overwhelming.

The options seem endless and yet still manage to proliferate overnight. It is hard to know what to use and how or when to use it.

Yet the best technologies make aspects of life simpler or better. That is true for higher education, too. The challenge, of course, is discovering the tools that will resonate with students and engage them in course materials.

If you want to know how to identify the digital tools that will work best for your courses and your students, you’ll want to watch How Can I Use Technology to Improve Learning?

Learning Goals

The program mentors explain how you can identify appropriate educational technologies without becoming a digital expert overnight.

When you are finished with this program, you will know:

  • How to identify where technology can broaden the reach of your class, increase impact, or otherwise improve learning
  • How to choose the right technology for you and your students
  • How and why to create and incorporate a backup plan for when technology fails you
  • How to use technology to decrease paper flow and simplify workflow
  • How technology can help students connect to each other and to course materials
  • Where to find experts—both on and off campus—who can help you choose the right tools and learn to use them in the right way

Topics Covered

Technology doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you know how to narrow your options.

This program presents some simple guiding principles for choosing technology to use in the classroom.

It will also feature a fast-paced “what works and what doesn’t” discussion that touches on many best practices and common misconceptions about instructional technology. It’s a lot to cover, but this program does it—and all in just 20 minutes.

How Can I Use Technology to Improve Learning? won’t tell you which technology to use, but it will show you how you can choose the best technology for your courses.

These are real insights that will work for you no matter what or where you teach.


Beyond that, How Can I Use Technology to Improve Learning? will give you some technology perspective.

You’ll quickly realize that starting incrementally is the smartest way to do it. Ready to get started? Order now.

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