How Can Objects and Analogies Improve My Teaching?

How Can Objects and Analogies Improve My Teaching?

Visual aids can help increase student engagement

Whether you teach physics or philosophy, youíre probably looking for innovative ways to increase student engagement with your course material.

Encouraging students to make new connections is essential in higher education, and How Can Objects and Analogies Improve My Teaching?, a Magna 20-Minute Mentor, shows you what students think about just that.

Topics Covered

The session presenter shows you techniques which are clear and straightforward, so you can start using them in your next class.

In this practical session, the presenter shows you how to:

  • Select objects and pictures to prompt creative thinking
  • Ask students to look for relationships between your visual aids and your lecture topic
  • Make your discussions effective, inclusive, and focused

Youíll pick up valuable student engagement tips, such as how to:

  • Use visual aids as a seasoning, not as the main course
  • Make sure everyone can see your objects or pictures
  • Trust your students to generate creative and unexpected answers


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After this fast-paced session, your students wonít be the only ones looking at your subject matter in new ways. Order How Can Objects and Analogies Improve My Teaching? now.

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