How Do I Address Teasing and Bullying Behavior in the Classroom?

How Do I Address Teasing and Bullying Behavior in the Classroom?

How to handle classroom bully behavior

From so-called jokes to flat-out harassment, bullying takes many forms, but none of them are acceptable in higher education.

Avoiding or ignoring bullying will not make it go away, and the damage done to students can be severe. 

Even if it doesn’t lead to explosive or tragic consequences, aggressive or disrespectful behavior interferes with creating a positive learning environment.

In this Magna 20-Minute Mentor session, the presenter shares a resolutely practical approach, developed to help you confront the issue of bullying or teasing in your classroom. 

Learning goals

At the conclusion of this classroom management program you will be ready to address teasing and bullying in your classroom by implementing these five key approaches:

  • Creating a positive community
  • Maintaining your composure and not embarrassing a bully
  • Meeting with bullying and teasing students
  • Meeting with victims of bullying and teasing
  • Passing along your concerns to campus officials

Topics Covered

During this information-packed session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Be proactive about bullying prevention—start creating a supportive educational community with your syllabus and first class
  • Preserve your equanimity when dealing with difficult student behavior
  • Meet privately with the person exhibiting the bullying behavior
  • Meet privately with the individual targeted by the bully
  • Communicate your concerns about bullying behavior to other campus officials
  • Be aware of Title IX / OCR reporting rules on your campus


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