How Do I Create Ideal Assessments for Modern Learners?

How Do I Create Ideal Assessments for Modern Learners?

Rethinking assessments to improve student performance

An objective common to all educators is to help students achieve the overarching goals of the course and leave their classrooms enlightened and motivated. Giving assessments is the most logical way to evaluate how well students have learned the course material. Many teachers find, however, that students respond more favorably to newer types of assessments than to more traditional evaluation techniques. Teachers who understand these updated assessments can guide their students toward a more comprehensive education.

How Do I Create Ideal Assessments for Modern Learners? presents 10 strategies that can be applied easily in any course to get students more involved in learning and take the course work more seriously.


The presenter in How Do I Create Ideal Assessments for Modern Learners? draws on the expertise of colleagues, education leaders, and her own classroom experience to develop an action plan for designing assessments that contemporary students will react to with alacrity.

In a lively and conversational 20-minute talk, the presenter addresses the following:

  • Making assessments relevant and meaningful to students
  • Driving student performance that supports learning objectives
  • Choosing from a variety of effective assessments for different challenges
  • Focusing student attention on class work for better education outcomes
  • Executing and managing student assessments efficiently

You'll discover the little-known triggers for driving students to excel at a higher degree of competence. You'll see how tying the course work to their lives and future plans can be a potent learning strategy.

Learning goals

With the presenter's guidance, you'll be surprised at how easy and fulfilling it is to integrate these new assessment methods in your courses and watch student participation soar.

After viewing this presentation, you will be able to perform the following:

  • Define the types of assessments to which modern learners respond
  • Identify the most effective assessments for your class and students
  • Design assessments that promote student learning and engagement
  • Create relevant assessments for measuring performance outside the classroom
  • Show students the value of assessments to their future job prospects
  • Develop student competencies that will serve them throughout their careers

Topics covered

This presentation equips you with 10 classroom-tested assessment strategies to help your students reach new heights of maturity.

You'll discover the options for assessing students and learn the thinking behind each one. You'll become adept at structuring assessments that draw the best efforts from your students.

You'll see how to use students' own interests to make assessments more personal and how grading assessments throughout the course can work to their benefit and yours.


Because the purpose of every educator is to ensure his or her students learn the material and carry it with them when they leave the classroom, many will benefit from watching this presentation, particularly:

  • Full- and part-time faculty in an undergraduate course
  • Department heads who need to supervise both teacher and student progress
  • Administrators concerned with the academic achievements and techniques at their school
  • Faculty and administrators at both two- and four-year institutions
  • Faculty and administrators at both public and private institutions


Well-designed assessments structured for modern learners can lead to impressive student outcomes, fulfilled teachers, and a better reputation for your school in a competitive landscape. Order today and acquire the keys for developing ideal assessments!

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