How Do I Get Students to Come to Class Prepared?

How Do I Get Students to Come to Class Prepared?

Stop trying to motivate your students (and do this instead)

Students arenít born with it. They donít find it in a manual or a book.

They certainly canít buy it off the shelf or order it online. Motivation to come to class prepared is hard to nail down and often even harder to come by.

While you canít exactly get inside your studentsí heads, you can help them find the motivation they need to come to class ready to learn.

Thatís because coming to class prepared isnít really a matter of motivation at all.

Itís really all about course design. And when you build a course the right way, it will naturally encourage students to come to class prepared for what you have waiting for them.

You can learn how to create exactly that kind of course with How Do I Get Students to Come to Class Prepared?

Learning Goals

The twin brother presenters for this program are flipped course design experts and they will present the interactive teaching model they useóand have used for yearsóthat supports deep learning and skill development.

When you are finished with this program, you will know how to:

  • Design courses using an interactive teaching model that has students encounter course material before working with it in class
  • Write class preparation assignments that guide students through reading assignments and then inform and stimulate class discussion
  • Design and incorporate a definitional grading system for any course
  • Incorporate student preparation in that definitional grading system
  • Require student writing without overburdening your own workload
  • Design an interactive course that gives students space and time to express their voices, demonstrate their preparation, and exercise their intellectual abilities

Topics Covered

In just 20 minutes you will learn that you donít have to settle for classrooms filled with unprepared students.

You will also learn that there is quite a bit you can do to make sure it doesnít happen.

Their interactive teaching and learning model first exposes students to course material before class. Then during class, you will work with your students to apply, analyze, and evaluate the course content.

Gillette and Gillette will explain how a definitional grading system will support this model and ensure that the vast majority of your students come to class prepared the vast majority of the time.

You will also learn classroom strategies that move you away from the lecture, which you wonít need as muchóor maybe at allówith this model.

How Do I Get Students to Come to Class Prepared? shows you what you can do to create the kind of courses that naturally encourage student preparation and eliminate some of the common frustrations of higher educationóall in just 20 minutes!


How Do I Get Students to Come to Class Prepared? might seem to be a program that teaches you how to motivate students.

What it really does is show you what you can do so you never have to worry about motivating students again. And it takes just 20 minutes.

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