How Do I Monitor and Support Online Faculty?

How Do I Monitor and Support Online Faculty?

Administrators, show your online teachers how to succeed

Supporting and monitoring faculty are key responsibilities of school administrators. The problems, however, become more complicated with online classes.

Many online faculty often work in isolation, cut off from a supportive community of colleagues. As virtual classrooms and protocols are still evolving, faculty may be unsure of success metrics. They may not understand what constitutes good online teaching or the expectations of their institutions.


How Do I Monitor and Support Online Faculty? will have an overview of best practices and teaching competencies in online education. You will learn a decision-making process necessary to adapt these guidelines to meet the needs of your institution.

Among the other benefits of viewing, you will also see how to:

  • Implement a backward-design model of faculty support that identifies essential, targeted online teaching behaviors
  • Use teaching artifacts, evaluative analysis, and reflective insight to monitor instructional expectations
  • Collect specific data to give teachers both formative and summative evaluations
  • Promote and ensure instructional excellence by operationalizing standards that reflect the goals of your school

Learning Goals

The program presenter provides administrators with an assortment of methods and best practices to bolster the progress of online faculty and fulfill schools' missions.

In this timely presentation, you will get an overview of online teaching competencies and practical strategies to implement them.

You will learn how to communicate with faculty about expectations for their performance. You will see how the hiring, training, development, and evaluation of online faculty can come together in a holistic approach that reinforces these teaching competencies.

Most important, you will learn ways to measure these instructional behaviors and provide faculty with concrete feedback to accelerate their professional development.

In only 20 minutes, you will sharpen your skills for identifying, supporting, and measuring teaching activities that foster high-quality online education.

Topics Covered

How Do I Monitor and Support Online Faculty? reveals realistic approaches—designed for today's virtual classes—that help administrators ensure instructional excellence.

After watching this enlightening presentation, viewers will be able to:

  • Identify key online teaching competencies relevant to the unique context of their institutions
  • Operationalize best practices in online teaching into measurable instructional activities
  • Encourage faculty to focus their time and attention on relevant educational goals
  • Support effective online teaching through alignment of instructional expectations of faculty training, development, and evaluation
  • Assess their institutions' structure, resources, faculty, and program goals in order to make thoughtful choices about their curriculum aims

You will learn how to give substantive guidance at key points during the semester to ensure faculty development and student achievement.

In only 20 minutes, you will sharpen your skills for identifying, supporting, and measuring teaching activities that foster high-quality online education. Buy your video today.


Participants of this program will also receive supplemental materials—including checklists for developing an evaluation of online teaching, guidelines for converting best practices into instructional activities, and online teaching evaluation rubrics—for ongoing reference.


The program was designed for administrators with a basic, an intermediate, and even an advanced level of awareness of this topic who will come away with a deeper understanding after watching this video.


Develop a more proficient online teaching force when you support and monitor your faculty's development.

If you are looking to help teachers excel in the virtual landscape, you should buy How Do I Monitor and Support Online Faculty?. Buy your video today.

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