How Do Prepared Students Change the Way I Teach?

How Do Prepared Students Change the Way I Teach?

Never worry again about motivating another student

Every instructor dreams about classrooms filled with students eager and ready to learn.

Unfortunately, prepared students are cousins to unicorns, fairy godmothers, and leprechauns. They sound great, but they don’t really exist.

Only this time, they do.

There are times when students come to class prepared, and you can even make it happen.

And when you make the changes that naturally motivate students to come to class ready to learn, you unlock a wealth of new opportunities for engaging, active learning strategies that are simply impossible otherwise.

Coming to class prepared is better for students. It’s also better for you.

Learn how you can transform your classrooms and how that transforms the learning and teaching experience in How Do Prepared Students Change the Way I Teach?

Learning Goals

How Do Prepared Students Change the Way I Teach? will prepare you for an entirely new kind of classroom.

It sounds like a lot to take in, but this program is designed to prepare you in practically no time at all. All it takes is 20 minutes.

When you are finished with this program, you will be able to:

  • Describe how student preparation for class transforms the student learning experience and invigorates teaching
  • Create at least two in-class active learning activities that rely on student preparation
  • Identify in-class activities that rely on student preparation and lead to higher-level learning
  • Describe how class preparation assignments show students respect and also create space and time for students to share their voices
  • Validate student preparation and reinforce its importance with your in-class activities
  • Use student preparation to increase students’ critical thinking

Topics Covered

When students come to class prepared, you can—actually, you must—adjust how you teach.

Instead of lecturing, you will employ effective new strategies that help your students process and master course content.

These engaging new approaches also celebrate and reward your students for the effort they put into preparation. 

The techniques and tools you discover in How Do Prepared Students Change the Way I Teach? will make you a more effective teacher.

Whatever your discipline, you will be better able to engage your students in course material.


The program presenters will prepare you to be a more effective teacher by revising your course design, which then necessitates adopting new active-learning teaching strategies that will engage your students and help you guide them to higher levels of learning. Purchase thsi video presentation today.

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