How Flexible Should I Be With Non-Traditional Students?

How Flexible Should I Be With Non-Traditional Students?

Dealing with Non-traditional Student Challenges

  • “I want to be in class for the next test, but I need to be at my child’s parent-teacher conference. Can I take the test on Tuesday instead?”
  • “I thought I emailed the paper to you! I must have done it wrong…Can I just send it through the regular mail instead?”
  • “My mother is in the hospital, and I wasn’t able to finish my paper”

If you have had non-traditional students, you have probably faced these types of situations and more. Non-traditional students are different.

In this Magna 20-Minute Mentor, the presenter teaches you how to strike the right balance between inflexible and being a pushover when it comes to these specific student populations.

Learning Goals

After viewing this program, you will:

  • Understand various approaches you can use to help non-traditional students meet and overcome the academic challenges they face
  • Better understand how to assist your non-traditional students in a way that supports their growth as students and individuals
  • Know how to intervene in responding to “red flags” to ensure that your non-traditional students stay on track with their coursework
  • Have an improved awareness of the various campus resources that you can refer non-traditional students to for assistance

Topics Covered

In How Flexible Should I Be With Non-Traditional Students?, you will discover:

  • The nature of the stress that non-traditional students face day to day
  • How to distinguish between helping non-traditional students and enabling them
  • How to set standards with non-traditional students that require hard work but that are also flexible
  • The importance of making a personal connection with your non-traditional students


The professional development program also includes supplemental materials that feature suggestions, case studies and recommended resources.


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