In Blended Courses, What Should Students Do Online?

In Blended Courses, What Should Students Do Online?


A†2009 meta-analysis of Department of Education data found that blended courses, mixing online learning and classroom instruction, resulted in better student performance than either delivery format independently.

For university instructors interested in exploring blended learning, deciding which course elements to teach face-to-face and which to address through online technology can be a major stumbling block.

Learn a framework for making those essential educational judgment calls in this session, In Blended Courses, What Should Students Do Online?

Learning Goals

This fast and focused professional development session will help you make the most of the opportunities presented by blended learning. Drawing from Bloomís Taxonomy of Learning, they recommend:

  • Using online technology for the lowest-level learning, before class
  • Emphasizing student engagement during face-to-face teaching, building on the facts and focusing on mid-level learning skills (application and analysis)
  • Pursuing your highest-level learning objectives through online activities, after class

After following their step-by-step approach, youíll be able to:

  • Determine which of your lower-level cognitive tasks should be completed before class
  • Describe activities suitable for drawing students into mid-level learning during face-to-face instruction
  • Identify after-class online activities exercising the highest levels of cognitive function


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