Interactive Online Video 3 pack

Interactive Online Video 3 pack


When students engage deeply with any kind of course material, their learning surges. Likewise, their progress is heavily influenced by the quality of feedback they receive.

Online and hybrid classrooms pose unique challenges. Teachers who want to give their students the same learning opportunities that traditional face-to-face classrooms offer need to make the coursework more interactive and the feedback more immediate.


Discover how to incorporate these new practices efficiently in the dynamic video series, Interactive Online Video 3 Pack.

The presentations include the following titles:

Learning Goals

Whether you want to become better at giving feedback to your students, producing your own educational videos, or making your online content more interactive, this three-part series from Magna Publications lays out clear, easy-to-follow steps for success.

You’ll see how to apply pertinent instructive feedback that unlocks your students’ capabilities.

You’ll get tips and time-saving resources for making videos that don’t require you to stand in front of a camera.

Filled with insightful best practices that are geared for today’s online classroom environments, the Interactive Online Video 3 Pack provides you with fresh, timely tools that drive students to excel and enjoy a richer educational experience.

Topics Covered

Grabbing, holding, and focusing the attention of your students with the techniques revealed in this series can help them reach their potential and retain more of what they learn. Find out how reshaping your online and hybrid classrooms can lead to stellar performance when you watch this illuminating series today.

After viewing, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the key elements that underlie different types of feedback
  • Deliver instructive comments that accelerate learning
  • Influence student behavior for academic achievement
  • Produce educational videos that foster student comprehension
  • Find and use imagery that supports your message
  • Add images, edit sound, and upload your video to a server
  • Incorporate interactive features seamlessly in your lectures and programs
  • Manage tools such as discussion forums, Google Forms, EdPuzzle, and ThingLink


The convenient 20-minute length of each video is designed for today’s busy educators. You’ll get practical takeaways that can be put to work almost immediately in any kind of classroom situation.


Discover simple but effective ways to add interactive elements to your online content that spur student comprehension and retention of the course material.

Order today. You’ll walk away with a sharper skill set to help you guide your students and spur their learning and retention of the course material!

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