Leading Online Faculty 3-Pack: Attract, Hire, and Bring on Board

Leading Online Faculty 3-Pack: Attract, Hire, and Bring on Board

The substantial increase in online education offerings brings the need to attract and develop online faculty that are not only empowered by their course content, but also motivated to provide the best online teaching experience to students.

Online faculty come from diverse backgrounds and have needs and expectations that often differ from full-time traditional faculty. As an administrator, it’s your duty to be aware of how to work with this unique group of professionals, the strategies for making informed and deliberate hiring choices, and best practices for preparing online teaching adjuncts for their new roles. This in turn creates more effective, efficient, and successful courses, programs, and institutions, and provides students with a seamless academic experience that requires less administrative time and effort.

Through proven techniques, strategies, and real-life examples, this suite of 20-Minute Mentor programs, presented by Ann Taylor, PhD, provides the necessary information for attracting, hiring, training, and retaining online faculty who are inspired and prepared to give students a quality online learning experience.

Purchase the Leading Online Faculty 3-Pack: Attract, Hire, and Bring on Board, which includes:


Hiring online faculty is a responsibility held by most administrators these days—this multipack of programs will assist you in selecting, hiring, onboarding, and retaining quality online instructors which will in turn improve your academic programs and institution overall.

Upon completion of these dynamic programs, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the growth in online education over the past two decades
  • Discuss faculty capacity issues facing higher education institutions and the strategies used to address those issues when growing online programs
  • Identify the key components of the online instructor onboarding process
  • Explore effective strategies for onboarding new online instructors
  • Identify ways to attract qualified faculty to author, teach, or oversee online courses/programs
  • Determine ways to vet prospective faculty to author, teach, or oversee online courses/programs


Topics covered include:

  • The growth in online education
  • Faculty capacity issues
  • Key competencies to introduce online instructors to during the onboarding process
  • The top incentives for attracting and retaining adjuncts
  • Staffing challenges
  • Existing resources that can be adapted to support online faculty during the onboarding process
  • Methods for finding the best fit for online teaching roles
  • Effective faculty onboarding processes and procedures


This three-part series is intended for academic leaders, deans, and program directors who are looking for ways to ensure effective hiring, retention, and training for online faculty.

The information presented will be of interest to those who are new to hiring and retaining faculty to teach online as well as those who have been doing this work for some time but are looking to implement new strategies and approaches.


By putting the strategies offered in this suite of online programs into action, you’ll find yourself better able to hire, retain, and train high-caliber online instructors, thus reducing their workloads and creating more successful programs, institutions, and students in the process. Purchase today!


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