Leveraging Your Leadership on Campus

Leveraging Your Leadership on Campus


As a student leader, you carry some weight on campus.

This National Center for Student Leadership trainer— Leveraging Your Leadership on Campus, will show you how to use it to get things done — from running successful events to meeting your long-range organizational goals.

You gain valuable insight on:

  • The ways (good and bad) you can influence your campus
  • How to partner with opinion leaders
  • How to understand what motivates others — and you
  • How to maintain a focus on results
  • The positive uses of peer pressure.
  • Staying true to your mission, values, and goals
  • The importance of giving without expectation

Learning Goals

Learn how to leverage your power as a student leader to get results and make a difference. After viewing this video presentation, you will be able to:

  • Understand the weight of leadership on campus
  • Determine outlets for promotion of your organization and your events
  • Articulate ways to partner with other campus organizations or offices


Leveraging Your Leadership on Campus has a lot you can learn from. Purchase today.

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