Maximize Your Time

Maximize Your Time


Do you have a lot on your plate?

Discover how you can reclaim lost hours, and finally have the time you need to get things done in Maximize Your Time, a National Center for Student Leadership trainer.

You'll learn the time- and activity-management secrets of the most successful businesspeople, including:

  • Defining goals.
  • Controlling what you can, and letting go of what you can't
  • Creating workable schedules
  • Delegating effectively
  • Avoiding distractions
  • Prioritizing
  • Analyzing the benefits of competing choices
  • Creating a meaningful "to-do" list
  • Mastering the art of saying "no"

Learning Goals

Use this session to finally gain control of your schedule.

After viewing this Magna 20 Minute Mentor, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of personal activity and time management as it relates to your overall productivity
  • Discuss the challenges of managing time as a student leader
  • Review time management strategies and how they impact life balance
  • Analyze and discover the benefits of implementing personal management tools and activities


Time and activity management plays a crucial role if you want to be successful in your profession. Learn all about the subject in Maximize Your Time. Place your order today.

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