Navigating Team Conflicts: Recognizing Your Triggers

Navigating Team Conflicts: Recognizing Your Triggers


Conflicts often escalate when student leaders feel triggered and their buttons get pushed during common organization discussions around topics like budgets, priorities, and campus dynamics.

Unexpectedly, they may feel strong, intense emotions that may feel overwhelming or disorienting.  

Often, they react in ways that are less effective and may shut down the conversation.

Mismanaged hot buttons can result in escalating conflict, deep misunderstanding, and resentment that can fester and create barriers to inclusion, collaboration, and productivity.

Learning Goals

After viewing Navigating Team Conflicts: Recognizing Your Triggers, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the types of comments and behaviors that are your “hot buttons” as a student leader
  • Discuss the pros and cons of your typical reaction when you feel triggered
  • Explore the reasons you feel triggered
  • Explore ways to de-escalate conflict situations when you feel triggered

Topics Covered

In this National Center for Student Leadership trainer, the program presenter helps student leaders identify their “hot buttons” and begin to understand why they feel triggered in certain conflict situations.

Following are the topics of discussion:

  • Common triggers of student leaders
  • Ways you often react that can escalate conflicts and tension
  • 7 common roots of triggers
  • Way you can de-escalate triggering situations


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