Navigating Treacherous Teaching Conditions 3 Pack

Navigating Treacherous Teaching Conditions 3 Pack

Through the strategies outlined in these programs, you will become a more effective online teacher, improving classroom climate, student engagement, and student retention. By watching these programs, you値l gain confidence in dealing with difficult situations and the ability to recognize microaggressions and bullying in the online classroom; you値l gain tools to manage work-related stress and learn to appreciate the benefits of self-care; and have greater comfort communicating online, especially with challenging topics.

With the Navigating Treacherous Teaching Conditions 3 Pack, presented by Stephanie Delaney, PhD, you値l be better prepared to take care of difficult situations and conversations in the online classroom as well as take better care of yourself to manage the stress that may come from challenging teaching experiences, and ultimately improve the online learning experience.

Purchase this suite of 20-Minute Mentors, which includes:

  • How Can I Resolve Difficult Situations in the Classroom?
    The anonymity of the online classroom can be liberating. It can also give rise to unintentional and intentional bad behavior including microaggressions and bullying. In this session, learn to recognize microaggressions and bullying in the online classroom and explore a strategy to effectively address these issues if and when they arise.
  • What Can I Do to Manage and Reduce Academic Job Stress?
    Faculty face a number of challenging and emotionally draining conditions in their work葉roubled or angry students, reduced funding and cutbacks, and political conflict on campus to name a few. Explore ways that faculty (and others) can take care of themselves so that they can continue to do their work effectively.
  • How Can I Create a Platform for Difficult Conversations in the Online Classroom?
    As in any classroom, it can be necessary to have difficult conversations with online students. However, in the online classroom, visual cues that can help when communicating sensitive information are missing. In this program, explore a simple framework to engage in a difficult conversation, apply the framework to scenarios that might come up in the online classroom, and gain strategies to have successful resolutions to difficult topics.


Upon completion of these programs, you値l be able to:

  • Identify microaggressions and bullying in the online environment
  • Understand the impact of microaggressions on learners
  • Learn how to craft an effective strategy for diffusing conflict and apply it to the online classroom
  • Recognize and acknowledge stressful situations in academia
  • Identify at least two strategies for limiting the impacts of stressful situations
  • Identify two strategies for building resiliency against additional stress
  • Learn how to identify difficult situations requiring a teacher-student conversation
  • Set the stage for having a difficult conversation
  • Learn how to move through a difficult conversation using an established framework


  • The definition of microaggression and examples of it in the online classroom
  • The definition of bullying and examples of how it might appear in the online classroom
  • Strategies for dealing with conflict in the online classroom
  • Examples of microaggressions and bullying
  • How to set boundaries, anticipate challenging situations, and set time/topic limits
  • What it means to 鉄harpen the Saw to make time to escape the day to day and hone your craft
  • Ideas for using campus resources to learn about counseling options
  • Specific and general challenges of communicating in the online classroom
  • Problems that come from procrastinating
  • Framework for having a difficult conversation
  • Applying the framework to online classroom scenarios


This program will benefit:

  • Professors
  • Instructors
  • Instructional designers

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