New Instructor Essentials 4-pack

New Instructor Essentials 4-pack

Help for new faculty members

New instructors may be experts in their field, but no one has taught them how to effectively teach what they know.

The New Instructor Essentials 4-pack of Magna 20-Minute Mentors is designed to bring new faculty up to speed quickly so they can confidently instruct students.

Learn from some of the best in the field, and explore solutions to the following key questions:

The presenters of this package will provide you with the practical tips and guidance you need to succeed as a new—or not-so-new—instructor.

After viewing all four programs, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the characteristics that make learning outcomes effective
  • Recognize “fuzzy language” in learning outcomes
  • Describe the link between your course and job-related skills
  • Select optimal times to solicit student feedback
  • Develop easy-to-use instruments for student feedback
  • Discuss alternative approaches to classroom policy design
  • Describe an assignment’s learning goals
  • Explain assignment requirements to students
  • Evaluate the relevance of your assignments
  • Recognize how online teaching achieves learning objectives
  • Employ multiple channels to strengthen student connection to course material
  • Devise a framework for planning and presenting course content online
  • Use interactive techniques to increase student engagement

Topics Covered

Starting out in higher education is terrifically exciting, but when you want to do a great job and there’s so much to think about, it can also be daunting.

The New Instructor Essentials 4-pack will help you start your career on the right foot. You’ll learn practical ways to tackle what you need to right away, such as:

  • Focusing on the five essential characteristics of great learning objectives
  • Ascertaining the quality of student feedback
  • Setting effective expectations with well-designed assignments
  • Developing a checklist covering what to do before, during, and after your online course


Where do you begin when you’re a new faculty member?

The New Instructor Essentials 4-pack is a great place to start, because it gives you a chance to learn without making you feel vulnerable in front of new colleagues, even as it covers some of the most important issues a new college or university instructor should consider, such as:

  • Tips for crafting high-quality learning outcomes
  • Ways to enhance student engagement in online instruction with audio, video, text, polling questions, and whiteboards
  • Providing the support structures students need to achieve learning goals

You’ll also learn how to direct your students’ energy—and your own—to where it’s most important, a practice bound to serve you well throughout the career you’re beginning.


The insight you’ll gain on designing curricula, developing course assignments, supporting student learning, and enhancing student engagement online and offline will benefit you and your students for years to come. Place your order now.

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