Online Course Design 3 Pack

Online Course Design 3 Pack

Improve Your Online Teachingóby Design

Course design in online education is a high-stakes affair. Developing an online course is resource intensive in terms of money, time, and instructional support. Online faculty donít have access to the informal cues and clues of the traditional classroom to gauge how theyíre doing, and, when trouble is detected, making changes in online courses can get complicated quickly.

The three presentations included in the Online Course Design 3 Pack are all taught by leaders in the field. They are:


Sometimes, the sheer number of online educational possibilities can threaten to overwhelm any faculty memberís ability to discover and implement them. This unique professional development opportunity assembles the best of the best in one flexible and informative package, making it easier for you to find exactly the instructional support tips you need to make your online courses the best they can be.

The Online Course Design 3 Pack will help you:

  • Establish class community in your online courses
  • Focus support for online students
  • Increase student involvement with your institutionís honor code
  • Avoid copyright problems
  • Adapt distance education content for other purposes

Learning Goals

However, effective online course design can be transformative. The Online Course Design 3 Pack shows you how to get it right and help you:

  • Create a community of engaged learners, even in online courses
  • Establish a culture of honesty and identify students who violate those norms
  • Extend the life of the work put into developing courses by selecting components to be repackaged, repurposed, and reused in multiple ways

Topics Covered

Effective course design is the key to developing a successful online course, and the good news is thereís lots of information available on how to do just that.

The even better news is that much of this information can be found in the three concise and content-rich presentations that make up the Online Course Design 3 Pack. Taught by three experienced teaching professionals, each presentation is chockfull of insights and best practices you can put to work right away.

In How Can I Develop Online Instructor Presence? youíll learn how to:

  • Explain what a CAT is
  • Adapt a classroom CAT to an online teaching environment
  • Use the results of a CAT to identify ways to adjust your teaching

After viewing How Can Course Design Help Prevent Online Cheating? youíll be able to:

  • Establish and communicate your expectations regarding academic honesty
  • Employ three different techniques to identify dishonest learner behaviors
  • Use benchmarks to support academic integrity
  • Determine when itís helpful to check student work against a massive database

How Can I Save Time and Money by Repurposing Online Content? will show you how to:

  • Employ waste reduction techniques to maximize the impact of your work on online course development
  • Discover new uses for your online teaching content
  • Identify high quality resources to support online course development


Set your students and your online courses up for success by building it in from the beginning. Purchase Online Course Design 3 Pack today and learn how to start making design work for you.

Individually, these programs sell for $99 each. By purchasing the 3-pack, you save nearly $50.

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