Online Programming Quality and Promotion 3 pack

Online Programming Quality and Promotion 3 pack


Online education is not new to academia—however, finding ways to constantly improve upon online offerings and ultimately ensure the highest level of student success remains an area of continued discussion, research, and debate.

In order to supply the best online education, gaining faculty support and having effective procedures in place to review course content for quality is essential. Also, to keep pace with modern online education initiatives, it’s important to learn what tools other institutions are using—such as analytics—to enhance their programming.

Through concrete tips, practical strategies, and real-life examples, this suite of 20-Minute Mentors, presented by Brian Udermann, PhD, gives academic leaders the tools needed to improve online courses, while simultaneously enhancing faculty and administrator relationships in the context of online education.

Purchase the Online Programming Quality, Measurement, and Promotion 3 Pack, which includes:

  • How Can Faculty Advocates Promote Online Education on Campus?
    Learn strategies to help facilitate faculty to become strong advocates for online education.
  • How Can I Effectively Review Online Courses and Programs for Quality?
    Explore options for reviewing online course quality and ensuring online course content garners interest.
  • How Can I Use Analytics to Improve Online Education Outcomes? Micro and Macro Examples
    Learn how employing analytics will improve the effectiveness of online courses.

Learning Goals

Even if you are familiar with online course quality review and methods for interacting with faculty to enhance online initiatives on your campus, these three programs will add to your knowledge with proven methods that can be implemented to further promote the highest quality online programs. You’ll also learn how other institutions are collecting and disseminating data to better their online offerings.

During these dynamic programs, you’ll:

  • Learn practical strategies for using online education to improve relationships between faculty and administrators
  • Learn procedures that can be put in place to ensure quality review of course content
  • Explore ways to create faculty acceptance of online education
  • Understand how other institutions are using data to enhance online offerings

Topics Covered

In an easy-to-understand format, online education expert Brian Udermann, PhD, will walk you through various strategies and techniques that other institutions are using to ensure top-quality online education programs that are supported by college faculty.

Topics covered include:

  • Using faculty advocates to strengthen acceptance of online courses and programs
  • Reviewing the quality of online courses and programs
  • Defining and using analytics to improve online initiatives
  • Organizing and aggregating online education data in a way that is easy to present and disseminate


This three-part series is intended for college administrators who are looking for ways to successfully change the culture on campus as it relates to online education.

During the programs, you’ll learn practical strategies for improving the quality of your online courses, increasing student success, and aiding in the professional development of faculty.


Enhancing the effectiveness and faculty buy-in of online education initiatives is key to having continued success with these programs. This transformative series will walk you through proven methods for strengthening your online offerings and will also explore methods for using analytical data to further enhance these programs. Purchase today.


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