Online Programming Strategy and Administration 3 Pack

Online Programming Strategy and Administration 3 Pack

Take Guesswork Out of Managing Your Online Curriculum

The popularity of online courses among students is undisputed. They see online learning as a practical approach that allows them to handle their outside responsibilities and still complete their education.

Faculty and administrators try to accommodate this new order, but the challenges of online degree programs can bewilder them. Many wonder how to adapt traditional classroom expectations to online teaching. Learn how to incorporate online courses that meet the educational standards of face-to-face classrooms through the engaging video series Online Programming Strategy and Administration 3 Pack, which includes:

Learning Goals

Even if you are already familiar with some of the issues involved in running online programming at your school, this three-part video series will add to your knowledge base with practical, ready-to-go solutions.

After watching these dynamic programs, you'll be able to:

  • Evaluate your school’s existing online offerings and see where to make changes
  • Get faculty and administrative buy-in for enhancing your online curriculum
  • Maximize your school’s finite resources to support your online programming
  • Identify different forms of faculty resistance and learn how to address them
  • Invite faculty members to participate in your online initiatives
  • Manage concerns about compensation, workload, and tenure issues related to online education
  • Recruit the best personnel to work on a policy and procedures manual
  • Get the manual reviewed and approved in a time-efficient way

Topics Covered

Viewers of these three Magna 20-Minute Mentors will walk away with a wide, informed perspective on how to tackle the online curriculum at their school. Viewers will also learn how to ably support the faculty, administrators, and staff charged with executing it.

You’ll see how to make the best use of your school’s resources to bolster a thriving online programming track.

You’ll discover thoughtful ways to acknowledge educators reluctant to embrace online courses and learn how to bring them on board.

You’ll get a comprehensive plan for putting together a policy and procedures manual for online courses that is specific to your school. You’ll see how to gain the cooperation and participation of even skeptical colleagues.

Filled with potent ideas, tested tips, and realistic recommendations, the Online Programming Strategy and Administration 3 Pack can help you lead your school toward a viable online educational structure.


This series of presentations will help institutions that offer well-run online courses and manage the expectations of faculty, administrators, and students


Strengthening your online courses—and gaining the cooperation of faculty and administrators—will pay for itself in increased student acquisition, retention, and fulfillment. Invest in your future with this compelling, transformative series. Order now!

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