Online Teaching 4 Pack

Online Teaching 4 Pack

Give Online Faculty the Tools They Need to Succeed

Since 2004, American colleges and universities have seen a 263% increase in the number of students taking courses online, according to the Online Learning Consortium.

Online education is reshaping higher education, altering everything from course material delivery to the competitive environment. But how is it affecting the way your institution monitors and supports online faculty?

The Online Teaching 4 Pack will help you maintain academic quality and set your online programs apart in a crowded field. Focused and practical, this unique professional development opportunity includes the following four presentations:


After viewing How Do I Monitor and Support Online Faculty? youíll be able to:

  • Identify key teaching competencies for online courses
  • Formulate measurable teaching goals based on key competencies
  • Support online faculty by aligning faculty training and evaluation with identified educational goals

How Can I Use Peer Mentoring to Improve Online Teaching? will help you learn how to:

  • Design a peer mentoring program for the online environment
  • Identify resources to implement an online peer mentoring program
  • Support educational consistency and collaboration among online faculty

How Can I Adapt an Online Faculty Peer Review Tool? will show you how to:

  • Use peer review to support educational goals and best practices
  • Design a peer review tool for online programs based on existing forms
  • Support promotion, tenure, and contract renewal decisions through effective peer review practices

In How Can I Get Useful Feedback to Improve My Online Teaching? youíll learn how to:

  • Construct a comprehensive plan for evaluation of your teaching
  • Assess the effectiveness of your teaching practices as well as your course management and interaction with students
  • Prepare for formal performance reviews, including promotion and tenure

Topics Covered

Online education has transformed higher education, but one thing it hasnít altered is the importance of good teaching. Yet, without the cues of the traditional classroom, such as note taking or head nodding, itís tough for online instructors to tell if their pedagogical methods are working, and end-of-course evaluations and assessments come too late to make improvements.

Itís also challenging for administrators to make informed decisions about promotion, tenure, and contract renewal for online faculty.

The Online Teaching 4 Pack will show you proven techniques for reviewing the performance and encouraging the development of online faculty. In four 20-minute presentations youíll learn proven techniques you can implement immediately to help faculty adapt and excel in the online teaching environment.


All four presentations come with notes, checklists, links to additional resources, certificates of completion, and more, making it that much easier to put your new knowledge to work.


Online education makes unique demands on instructors. Make sure they have the support they need to succeed and provide outstanding educational experiences for your students. Purchase the Online Teaching 4 Pack today!

Individually, these programs sell for $99 each. By purchasing the 4-pack, you will save nearly $100.

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